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6/28/13 1:26 PM
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THEY SAID IT COULDN'T BE DONE! But Eddie Bravo and Renato Laranja have temporarily put their differences aside for charity.

We're auctioning off a pair of Everlast MMA gloves signed by these two grappling titans.

The right glove is signed by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu founder, Eddie “Twister” Bravo.

The left glove is signed by 27-time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mundial champion, Renato Laranja.

The gloves were graciously donated by Everlast.

All proceeds from this auction will go to Southern California Crossroads, a non-profit organization which was created to assist under privileged youth who come from low income families in violence plagued communities. The objective at Southern California Crossroads is to lead these young people to a healthy, peaceful, productive lifestyle through prevention, intervention and re-entry services.

For a video on the kids see below!

This auction is for a fantastic cause and offers a chance to own a super unique piece of MMA memorabilia.

To place a bid:



6/28/13 1:33 PM
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6/28/13 1:36 PM
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Not so sure i'd put a false statement like 27 time champ in an official Ebay auction...


And LOL at Renato's signature. Looks like some kid just learning how to write.

6/28/13 1:41 PM
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Not so sure i'd put a false statement like 27 time champ in an official Ebay auction...


And LOL at Renato's signature. Looks like some kid just learning how to write.

It's part of the character, anybody bidding on it probably knows its not true. Phone Post 3.0
6/28/13 1:55 PM
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Wait he's NOT a 27 time mundial champion? lol
6/28/13 2:29 PM
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Is Rhasaan Orange actually any good at BJJ?  Five minutes on YouTube didn't seem to answer the question for me . . . .

6/28/13 2:38 PM
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Anyway of just getting the Renato glove?  I don't see why anyone would want the Bravo one too...

6/28/13 2:41 PM
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Renato stormed out of our last interview with him. Got messy.
6/28/13 3:06 PM
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Who said that it couldn`t be done?

I would like to hear from these people.

6/28/13 3:12 PM
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crow bar, these people are the "they", the corporate fat cats and Washington lobbyists:

6/28/13 3:12 PM
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Crap, they sabotaged my photo.

Try this:

6/28/13 3:13 PM
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well not so big but you get the idea.
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Damn lobbyists.Before this happens again,I`ll have my people contact your people,so this process runs alot smoother in the future.

6/28/13 3:30 PM
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head shall roll!
6/28/13 3:35 PM
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and here is a photo of the gloves in question:

6/28/13 3:35 PM
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dang it. anyone suggest a good image hosting site where the photos post bigger?
6/28/13 3:57 PM
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6/28/13 3:59 PM
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TTT for fruits and vegetables Phone Post
6/28/13 4:47 PM
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He wrote PORRA lol Phone Post 3.0
6/28/13 5:12 PM
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UGCTT_Dinamita - He wrote PORRA lol Phone Post 3.0
And carralho! Phone Post 3.0
6/28/13 5:23 PM
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winning! ;)
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Are these the gloves Renato subbed Roger Gracie with in the last Mundials?

6/28/13 6:24 PM
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Crow thanks for the picture!
6/28/13 6:28 PM
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BernardHopkins - 

is this a joke or real?

first, neither one of them fight mma but i could live with that.

2nd, this is supposed to be an auction to help kids  and the best thing laranja could think of is to write dick and cum on the gloves?

who in the world would let him do that 

who would even think thats slightly amusing? especially under these circumstances

this is like asking an NBA player to sign a football for charity, then he writes pussy and hoes on it



who in the world would and COULD stop him is the bigger question. the mother fuckin' renato saga continues.
6/28/13 6:28 PM
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Hopkins, we typically auction off gloves signed by MMA fighters (Dan Henderson, Bas Rutten, Werdum, etc.)

The charity is very real. The kids are great and we've gone to talk to them about fighting (right time and wrong time) and the auctions are our way of using our fighter contacts to help make the charity money.

As for what Renato signed, you have a point. I actually didn't know that's what all that mean. At the same time, it's within character for him and anyone who wins the auction will know that.