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11/13/17 2:47 PM
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Bellator is getting some much-needed swagger.

Jack Swagger, that is.

The MMA promotion has signed former WWE star Jake Hager, better known by his ring name Jack Swagger, to compete in its heavyweight division, Hager announced Monday on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. Swagger said he’ll be making his debut in 2018.

Hager, 35, performed with WWE or its development territories for 11 years before being granted his release back in March. He’s a former WWE World Heavyweight champion and U.S. champion.

In legitimate competition, Hager was a standout at the University of Oklahoma as a wrestler. He set the Oklahoma single-season record for most pins in a season with 30 in 2006. He was also an All-American that year in the 129kg (285 pounds) weight class.

Hager, an Oklahoma native and Florida resident, has yet to make his MMA debut. Last month, he told FloSlam that he could be interested in one day fighting in mixed martial arts.

Hager transitioning to MMA continues a long tradition of pro wrestlers and fighters going back and forth between the two mediums.

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Lights Out Lurker - Who?

He's basically a poor man's Brock Lesnar, both in terms of amateur wrestling accomplishments and pro wrasslin' popularity. He could be very successful.
11/13/17 2:56 PM
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that nose looks like it will get broke
11/13/17 2:59 PM
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If he walks out with Zeb Colter and says we the people before entering the cage im sold.
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Hell yeah! He could do some damage in their division. Make that tourny 16-man then get Swagger and Lashley in there, Wren and Kongo too.

We...the people!
11/13/17 3:44 PM
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He beat Cain twice when they were both competing in college. Hard to say how much potential he has starting at 35.
11/13/17 3:45 PM
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He’s got a good wrestling pedigree and is a huge dude.

11/13/17 3:46 PM
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He has a win over Cain in wrestling
11/13/17 4:11 PM
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He wont be top 5 or anything but I could see him doing very well in Bellator. They will start him off slow and get decent ratings from him. Be cool to see him vs Lashley at some point, pro wrestling fans will love that match.


11/13/17 4:33 PM
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Weird decision, he must love the sport because he made a ton of money in the WWE.
11/13/17 4:42 PM
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Batista might be a good opponent due to experience.

11/13/17 4:44 PM
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Those WWE guys know that good magic juice, wouldn't surprise me if Vince just gave them away like candy.
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Well he was indicted for steroid distribution ^^^^

11/13/17 4:58 PM
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Batista might be a good opponent due to experience.

11/13/17 5:01 PM
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Damn,I have not seen him in awhile.I withdraw my suggestion.

11/13/17 5:10 PM
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He was legit in ncaa... so good for him.

11/13/17 5:14 PM
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Batista might be a good opponent due to experience.

He's almost 50.

11/13/17 5:23 PM
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Batista might be a good opponent due to experience.

Lol god damn
11/13/17 6:05 PM
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35 after a career in WWE, his body is probably a mess.
11/13/17 6:06 PM
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He would have been signed without being a WWE wrestler
11/13/17 6:27 PM
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He was an All American 11 years ago. He is now 35 with no MMA experience and is signed to the #2 MMA organization in the US. This won't end well.
11/13/17 6:36 PM
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Batista might be a good opponent due to experience.

Holy shit, dude is 48 years old but looks 60.