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Who sees Rodrigo Minotauro facing the giants of the UFC or suspects that the biggest battle of his life came when he was just 11 years old. Frank Mir, American who broke his arm in a submission at UFC 153, and Bob Sapp, MMA fighter and former American football player with 1.96 m and 142 kg which was his opponent in PRIDE in 2002, not even close. The biggest fight of Bahia de Vitória da Conquista happened 25 years ago, when a truck of 6,000 kg was the opponent of a boy who had a great desire to win. The "belt" was his own life.

- It was God who helped us. It would be a pity I stop everything to 11 years old. Just have to thank my dad and my brother, who gave me a lot of strength. This message of strength was very important to me. I carried it inside me and I managed to overcome several other things - reminds Minotaur.

Running over

The day had started with a party. The family Nogueira was all gathered at the house of a friend to celebrate the birthday of a relative. Rodrigo and Rogerio - who have not yet had the nicknames of Minotauro Nogueira and - playing with boys his age. A truck stopped in front of the house gained the attention of the boys, and everyone climbed back in the car to have fun with the new "toy".

- We were having fun. Out of curiosity, we jumped in the truck open, and the driver started the truck. When he called, all children jumped out the side of the bucket. I jumped through the bottom, and he fit the aft macha - recalls.

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When jumping, Rodrigo fell back on the asphalt and froze when he saw the truck going in his direction. Brother Roger still tried to warn, but without success. The next few seconds were unforgettable for both.

- I began to see that wheel passing over it slowly. Above the foot of the leg. When I looked, it seemed that the truck was going over a spring break. The adrenaline was such that he felt no pain, but fell to the ground as soon as the rose - reminds Minotouro.

From there it was a rush. Elpidio Uncle, who is a doctor and was at the party, made ??the first call on the spot . Arriving at the hospital, the medical team was already in place to try to save the life of a boy of only 11 years.

The surgery was a success. With a revolutionary technique - the muscle of the back was amended with the diaphragm so he continued to breathe without problems - the doctors were able to save the boy's life. There were 11 months of recovery and healing. It was the first victory of life of Minotaur.

- Actually, it was God who saved him. No doctor believed his survival - said the father, Hamilton

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It was much worse than any fight. '



The reunion

Twenty Five years later, the "Sports Spectacular" Rodrigo put face to face with the driver. They had never met, Rosing and Régis reporter was the "arbiter" of this new battle.The wrestlers traveled to Paramirim, almost 300 km from Vitória da Conquista, for the reunion.

- I was always very curious to meet him - Rodrigo admitted.

A true cowboy waiting for "entourage" of the UFC. With hat, shirt and boots, his Jubervaldo met again with Rodrigo, now 36, only fighter UFC champion and Pride and that frightens with its 110 kg.

- You did not come here to punch me, right? - Joked.

No punches or kicks. The reunion was not as a rematch of a UFC fight, but a pardon. A pardon given because of an accident that helped "build" will ever win that Minotauro has. Whether in the Octagon or in life.

- It was not my fault, it was an accident that unfortunately happened. For you was a victory. The first one - celebrated Jubervaldo.

- No fight me or ten percent of the difficulty I had at that time. Incomparable. It was much worse than any fight - Minotaur account.

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interesting story
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Wow amazing Phone Post
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Damn. Thanks for posting this dude Phone Post
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Nog is simply indestructible.
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Thanks for posting.

This thread calls for this video, as well.

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Jon Fitch isn't the Terminator... Big Nog is! Phone Post
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Very cool story!

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BrCutter -  Damn. Thanks for posting this dude Phone Post

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Ghost of That Feel - "Actually, it was God who saved him."

Lol, I'd love to see dog save him if there were no doctors to help.

Lol, I'd love to see the doctors save him if there was no God. Oh wait, there wouldn't be any doctors...

Awesome story, that pic with Nog smiling next to the truck driver says a lot about Nog's character.
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Wow indeed.

Love Big Nog Phone Post
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That an awesome story

Thanks D

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Big Nog = coolest man alive. Period.

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mmavixen - 

Big Nog = coolest man alive. Period.


I love Big Nog and always will, no homo.........you know what? HOMO, fuck it. I LOVE the guy.
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Yeah that's unreal. Nog has nothing to hold against him considering how his life turned out.
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Big Nog is a comeback machine. Nothing but respect for him. And if he and his brother believe that God saw him through that, who is any of us to say otherwise? Damn, when did the atheists get preachier than the Christians?
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Man, a 12,000 pound truck can make a mincemeat of you. You can become a gory mess.
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MrBoone - Yeah that's unreal. Nog has nothing to hold against him considering how his life turned out.

Agreed. If not for the accident, who knows, he might have become a truck driver himself plying in Colombia, or he might have been a minnow in the middleweight division.
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Big Nog is such a nice guy. Met him and spoke with him and he is pure class.

I was wondering if this story was gonna end with the mother of all shitkickings but good to see these guys had a good meeting lol.
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One of the best stories ever....Nog brothers are cool as fuck. Kind of had an inkling of an idea already during the Pride days but dammit the saw my hand and raised me some.

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amazing. Hes the perfect role model for mma.