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2/17/20 10:51 AM
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UFC welterweight Michel "Demolidor" Pereira employs a wild style inspired by The Matrix, Capoeira, the human desire to fly, and above all, entertaining fans.

Pereira won his league debut by flying knee in 107 seconds, but dropped a decision in his sophomore outing. In his third fight, vs. Diego Sanchez on Saturday night, Demolidor was demolishing Diego, until he landed an illegal knee and was disqualified.

Michael Bisping loved DPereira unorthodox attacks, but ESPN post-show deskmate Michael Chiesa was not impressed.

”Michael, I love you buddeh,” said Bisping, as transcribed by Ryan Harkness for MMA Mania. “I love you, but no! More backflips! More wild stuff! So long as you don’t run out of gas, keep doing it! Because come on, it electrified the audience. He walks out, okay I wasn’t into the whole dance routine. He’s a better dancer than I’ll ever be. I don’t know what it is, but listen: all the stuff he did inside the Octagon, it’s awesome. It’s unorthodox. He electrified the crowd!”

Chiesa then goodnaturedly cut off The Count.

”But how did his last two fights go?” asked Chiesa. “Couple of L’s.”

An amused Bisping carried on.

”Okay, shut up. I’m in the middle of-” said a laughing Bisping. “You gotta entertain the crowd! How did your last fight go? I was falling asleep and I was commentating. Listen dude, be more exciting. Be like Michel, that’s all you gotta do.”

And Chiesa got the last word, for now.

”I know he’s your teammate,” said Chiesa. “Excitement doesn’t pay the bills. W’s do.”

What do you think UG? Is Michel Pereira flying a little too close to the sun?