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Hey everyone :) I'm sitting in San Francisco airport just waiting to board my flight back to Australia & wanted to jump on here to say thank you to everyone that showed support to me leading into last nights fight!! I have only but one excuse; I was defeated by a far superior wrestler in Carla Esparza!! She is a tremendous athlete & a genuine person. I congratulate her on her well deserved & hard fought victory but make no mistake... I would LOVE to test my skills against her again someday when I've earnt the chance!! She deserves a lot of praise :)

I had no injuries going into last nights fight, no jet lag, my preparation was great, even though the style of opponent changed last minute & I was 100% mentally good to go. I've seen a lot of people talking shizzle on Carla's approach to the fight, but it's MMA so it was what it was!! I wasn't good enough to submit, sweep or get back up, so I deserved to lose on points. I tried to fight my fight & make it entertaining for you all but I still hope you were happy with my performance. I'm physically fine, just heart broken & I'm back into training in a couple days to work on my weaknesses. While I didn't win, I really hope I earnt the respect of people who thought I wasn't going to make it out of round one. My trainers & I would have never accepted this fight if we thought that, I truly believe I belong on this level & before this fight I fought whoever was put in front of me, which isn't much in Australia!! I'm only 23 years old with less than 3 years experience & I just went 5 rounds with the #4 ranked 115lbs fighter in the WORLD on a weeks notice!! I am really sorry if I let anyone down :(
Thank you so much to Invicta Fighting Championships, Carla Esparza, my team Impact MMA in Brisbane, Australia, all my sponsors & YOOOOU, my supporters. I will be back on the UG in about 24 hours to reply to any questions in all of the threads I've seen, I just don't have the time at the moment. I'LL BE BACK!! :)
PS: Did you see me throw up the UG sign when I entered the cage?? :)
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I never want to see you again. Give me back the key to my apartment, leave my jacket on the table.

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Classy in defeat and an awesome performance regardless of the result! U came to fight and thats all we can ask. Cant wait to see you in there again representing aus! Phone Post
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Thanks for the great fight. Can't wait to see you again!

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You are awesome and we love you.  You represented the UG better than we could have asked for.  You kicked ass!!!!


I can't wait to see you fight again!!!!!



1/7/13 12:22 AM
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You have a lot of fans here, and well deserved. Phone Post
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Thanks guys... means a lot :) I have a pretty sore jaw at the moment & a splitting headache LOL!! For my troubles could someone post some GIF's of my fight up?? I haven't been able to watch it. I don't care if they're GIF's of me getting beat up. Also would a mod be able to sticky this until I get back home?? I've seen so many threads about me on here & once I spend some time with my children back home I'll make sure to come on & answer any questions in all of them :) I hope my UG sign flash was seen on the PPV... it was when I was entering the cage :) <3

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Good fight, hope you have better results next time
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Wow... that was quick :) Thank you!!  Do you have any of the last couple seconds, my superman punch or when Carla took my back after turning me into a rolly polly?? Also I remember Carla hit me pretty hard with some GNP at some point?? :) My flight is being called now... I got a 4 hour stop over in Sydney so will come back on then!!

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Gordo1581 - 

YES!!!!!! I was so worried it didn't make it on the stream LOL :) See ya guys!!

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yellow wrkahlc -

Sick!! Phone Post
1/7/13 12:43 AM
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Love this girl!



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It was awesome. You gained fans and didnt lose a single one :)
1/7/13 12:59 AM
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I will pay for any card you're fighting on. You bring it and I love it. Awesome fight an heal fast. Phone Post
1/7/13 1:00 AM
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SonOfThePeepHole -  Where can i watch the card Phone Post

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Bec I thought you looked awesome! Much hespect. I know you'll go back to the drawing board and come back awesome ;)

Win or lose, your always great to watch! Phone Post
1/7/13 1:03 AM
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Gordo1581 -
Fuckin Gordo :)

NICE Phone Post
1/7/13 1:04 AM
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RowdyBec - 
Gordo1581 - 

YES!!!!!! I was so worried it didn't make it on the stream LOL :) See ya guys!!

Fans for life Bec, the lot of us degenerates haha.
1/7/13 1:09 AM
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6 months sprawl training and Bec can take the title
1/7/13 1:13 AM
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Im glad you thought it was bitter sweet. Wicked performance. Your standup is on another level and as i said after your valour and nitro fights, you will be an international superstar.
Your ground game was actually pretty decent compared to what carlas done in the past to others.
Have a good flight back home but next time bring a belt back to brissy ;)
1/7/13 1:14 AM
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Boss.....you were bloody fken awesome.  Im still talking about it people back in Sydney.