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1/9/13 11:54 PM
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Rebney was recently interviewed about his new reality show coming to Spike Tv. An just like everything else he does, yet again he decided to take a few notes out of Dana's book, here are a few quotes I found interesting

Ariel: So how would you say your show is different than TUF?

Bjorn: Well man on our show man this aint survivor and shit theres no voting um off, you fuckin beat um off. You know when the guys get to the house I fire um all up and remind um what they are doing here, I sat at home for weeks trying to think what I'd say than finally it hit me. Do you wanna be a fuckin fighter? its very original came up with it myself and I say it constantly to the fighters to remind them what this is all about. Cuz you know its not fuckin all signin autographs n bangin broads when they get outta here.
1/10/13 1:22 AM
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