UnderGround Forums Blackzilians the Lakers of MMA right now ?

1/9/13 9:20 PM
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A dream team with all the star power that just hasn't clicked yet. Anybody else agree? Will they get better as the year goes on? Your thoughts UG?? Phone Post
1/9/13 9:49 PM
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All teams go through growing pains. Most of the fighters on this team are veterans who arent gonna learn new tricks. Young guys like Michael Johnson and Trulio looked great this past year. Rashad also looked much improved.

People seem to be putting unfair pressure on a team just because of its name. Why not make a thread about Cesar Gracies Team Losing or Roufus Sport Losing? How about ATT fighters losing?
1/9/13 10:22 PM
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Not a bad analogy, because the Lakers main problem is (well, age) but main problem A.1 is the wrong coach. If Phil had come back, they'd be doing much better. I think the Blackzilians may not have the best or most challenging coaching staff in place. As others have said, Melvin was much better at Jackson's because he was held accountable and on a short leash. At Blackzilians it's probably up to each individual how hard they train, which is doesn't help come fight time