UnderGround Forums Boos after my fight last night

Edited: 11/19/12 5:52 PM
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Were they saying "boo" or "Booo-urns"?

11/18/12 10:26 AM
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Lol/\ Phone Post
11/18/12 10:27 AM
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I was saying Booo-urns...

11/18/12 10:27 AM
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Lol Phone Post
11/18/12 10:28 AM
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You got fucked by the judges... reverse Montreal screw job.
11/18/12 10:29 AM
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i was just upset that they wont be making Twinkie's anymore

11/18/12 10:29 AM
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They were saying "it-burns". Lots of Frenchies have the clap. Phone Post
11/18/12 10:29 AM
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When the hometown arena bOOOOOs the decision...


I was glad Rogan had the nuts to say something, lots of broadcasters would've tucked and completely ignored it.  At least it's just a loss on paper, I don't think it will impact your standing in the division.


Can't wait for the next performance, I'll be buying that PPV.

11/18/12 10:31 AM
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I was shocked.
11/18/12 10:33 AM
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Yeah, I was shocked it was even a split Phone Post
11/18/12 10:33 AM
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i thought u had it bro, the disgust on your face and the happy surprise on carmonts as they read the decision was all that needed to be said about that fight.
11/18/12 10:35 AM
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It was about the ladie in white, bitch has some big o boobies... They said booooooobz Phone Post
11/18/12 10:36 AM
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Great fight last night.
11/18/12 10:36 AM
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Tom screwed Tom Phone Post
11/18/12 10:37 AM
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Once they said split I knew the fix was in. Better luck next fight Tom but that decision was some BS. Phone Post
11/18/12 10:38 AM
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TightTriangle - Tom screwed Tom Phone Post
were the judges first names Tom as well??? Phone Post
11/18/12 10:38 AM
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Don't worry about it.  They were speaking Canadian, bro.

11/18/12 10:39 AM
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Smith1234 - That reaction means 100 pct you got robbed. Phone Post
. Phone Post
11/18/12 10:39 AM
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Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman -  Sorry bro, you won that shit. Phone Post

Seriously, no need to be "sorry". I don't tell you "sorry" when you have a bad day at your job, so I don't expect to get that treatment. I know going in to every fight that there is a possibility I win, and a possibility that I lose. 


I appreciate everyone's support, but no need to be sorry for me.

11/18/12 10:43 AM
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I feel bad that I missed this fight, I only got to see the last 2 fights of the night but if a Canadian crowd didn't like the decision that's all I need to know about what happened
11/18/12 10:43 AM
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You won.

I am sorry for the state of judging in MMA and what it does to the sport, the fighters most of all.

11/18/12 10:43 AM
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dude what the fuck?
11/18/12 10:45 AM
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Montreal screwjob 2012
11/18/12 10:45 AM
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Those sideburns were legendary, and you won that fight.
Carmont was completely stifled.

On a separate note, what was your walkout?
11/18/12 10:45 AM
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I will always watch your fights!
Good luck next time. Phone Post