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12/25/13 11:16 AM
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I love watching Jake Shields and Ben Askren fight! I know that's very taboo around here, but there's something to be said about a guy who comes out with a limited skill set and is able to impose his will on a more well rounded fighter. I can't explain the excitement I get off the guy just surviving what looks like a very uneven matchup and taken it to his world and winning (Shields vs. Maia). Its what mixed martial arts is about. I don't care if the guy isn't swinging for the fences and trying to knock the other guys head off. That's not what I need every fight. I guess I'm one of the few Shields/Askren/Fitch fans out there. Merry Christmas ya'lls Phone Post 3.0
12/25/13 11:19 AM
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I tend to agree. I understand ppl thinking it's boring, but seeing two people at the very highest level (like Shields vs. Maia) doing what they do best is very interesting to me. Phone Post 3.0
12/25/13 11:26 AM
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I dont dislike any style, i do hate when guys stall, hold against the cage and dont attempt to work. Phone Post 3.0
12/25/13 11:30 AM
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I don't think people are attacking the skill involved in doing what GSP or Aksren or Shield do, just the idea that they are gaming the system. People know that, say, GSP could finish an opponent or submit them, but in more than a few cases it is evident that they are just stalling to get a guaranteed victory from the judges.

It's annoying to many fight fans that such skill is wasted because of faulty rules. Phone Post 3.0
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Closed guard fighting holding the neck down is the Shiznit!!