UnderGround Forums Burt Watson got into fight with Ronda's entourage

3/4/15 5:01 PM
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@FrontRowBrian 13m13 minutes ago
UPDATE regarding @BurtWatson4real. Burt got into an argument with a member of Ronda's entourage.

@FrontRowBrian 13m13 minutes ago
When Dana was made aware of argument between Burt &the member of Ronda's entourage, Dana sided with Team Rousey. Burt was insulted and quit

@FrontRowBrian 7m
I was told by 1 source that Ronda is the only 1 they'd cross Burt for. Burt took a lot of pride in what he did &didn't like to be questioned

@FrontRowBrian 5m
There was an "incident" of sorts with Munoz but it was a separate incident and not serious compared to argument with Team Rousey.
3/4/15 5:07 PM
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Count Chocula strikes again.

3/4/15 5:07 PM
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Sucks, but not surprising if true.  Ronda is the golden goose.

3/4/15 5:09 PM
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He's do the same for jones or Cain. Even Jones is classy enough not to mess w Burt. Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 5:09 PM
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i'll take FRB word for it since he broke the news. dana white - egg, edmond -douche, vin dieasl - gif poster boy douche. sucks if that was the reason
3/4/15 5:09 PM
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Burt used to manage Frazier & Edmond shares a wall with Ali. Coincidence?
3/4/15 5:11 PM
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Oh, I don't like the sound of that. In for more facts. Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 5:14 PM
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Shitty situation all around. Good help is hard to find.

Few people behind the scenes get any attention. And it goes to show how hard he worked for any fans to know or care who he is. Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 5:17 PM
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WTF? Sometimes you don't know what you got till its gone!
War Watson!
3/4/15 5:19 PM
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Rhonda going full heel.
3/4/15 5:22 PM
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What an all round just overall shitty situation.

#WarWatson Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 5:22 PM
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3/4/15 5:33 PM
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Sad Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 5:41 PM
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My bet it was her meddling mother if true.
3/4/15 5:44 PM
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Dolce and his bros?
3/4/15 5:48 PM
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Saltine American - My bet it was her meddling mother if true.
. Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 5:57 PM
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octowussy - Maybe Count Chocula claimed Ronda could do Burt's job better than Burt.
Under the right circumstances Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 6:03 PM
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octowussy - Maybe Count Chocula claimed Ronda could do Burt's job better than Burt.

Best event coordinator in the world.
3/4/15 6:05 PM
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I mean this fucking guy has a mural with him ali in his gyn wtf did you expect. I mean who else will be in that level of douchiness to fuck around with burt Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 6:06 PM
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Bad news. Burt is liked by virtually everyone.
3/4/15 6:06 PM
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Pretty stupid if true. Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 6:08 PM
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I want confirmation before I bad mouth anyone specific, but I don't care WHO it is, nobody should treat Burt with anything less than respect, it's a damn crime that he quit because someone made him look foolish..... I am leaning towards Edmund or her mom tho lol Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 6:12 PM
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I wish Hallman would've beat the fuck out of Count Chocula and shut his mouth for good! It might have been the meddling mother, but Count Chocula will always be remembered getting punked by Hallman. Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 6:12 PM
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In to find out if it was Count Choculla or Mother Goose!! Phone Post 3.0
3/4/15 6:26 PM
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Bury Watson Ezekiel 25:17 Phone Post 3.0