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4/22/13 2:17 AM
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Any fighter in a bad training environment or not getting personal attention over the "stars" of their gym come on down. The gym is also friendly to the average person looking to be in that family environment, get in shape, learn about health, & get a permanent "summer body".
Head Coach= Kirian Fitzgibbons: The U.S Muay Thai head captain.
Sambo= Val Ignatov: Multi time Sambo champ & teacher of the Diaz bros for over 12yrs.
Muay Thai= Kevin Ross: Current top 5 145lb MT player & 6x world champ. Gaston Balonas: Multi time amateur MT champ & MMA fighter dubbed the "Dream Killer" for his talent after destroying multiple UFC champs & top 10 fighters of various weight classes who visited the gym to spar.
Strength/Nutrition= Jessica Gitzgibbons, Will, MJ, Harry Selcow: multi time crossfit & powerlifting champs who also run a top 10 crossfit team in the U.S.
Jitz= Matheus Andre & Lana Stefanac: A Caio Terra/Cesar Gracie black belt & a Cesar Gracie Black Belt, both whom have win multiple jitz tournaments.
Wrestling= Nick Pica: D1 wrestler from Iowa & MMA player who was also dubbed the "Perfect blue belt" by the jitz community after winning all his weight & absolute weight matches by submission at the U.S opens.
Fighters: Miriam Nakamoto: Invicta fighter, top 10 135lb, & current best Muay Thai female in the world
-Kevin Ross: mentioned earlier
-Gaston Balonas: mentioned earlier
-Sarah D'aleio: Invicta fighter & top 10 135lb
-Alexis Davis: UFC fighter, top 10 135lb, Cesar Gracie black belt
-Van Wyk Povey: big time Muay Thai fighter
-Elena Maxwell: Invicta fighter & top 10 145lb
-James Chaney: TUF 16 competitor
-Chaz Mulkey: top 10 MUay Thai fighter
-Joe Schilling: top 10 Muay Thai fighter
-Richard Rigamaden: pro MMA fighter & Bellator vet
-Also AKA's, Rudi Ott's, & Team USA's Muay Thai teams are affiliated & bring in top players like Michael Manaquil, Jose Palaciod, & Ky Hollenbeck.
-More: Tons of great amateur MMA & Muay Thai fighters of all weights & both sexes are here.
-Bonus: of course the rest if the Cesar Gracie team stops in often such as the Diaz bros, Yancy Medieros, Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, Roy Bourghton, & many others.
-Find them on: csagym.com or on twitter & IG @csagym
Hope to see some new faces! *throws up UG sign* Dominique "Fallen Angel" Robinson
4/22/13 2:21 AM
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Will Cesar help me with my taxes?
4/22/13 2:22 AM
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4/22/13 2:24 AM
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A lot of people think Cesar can be a jerk but he is one of the best BJJ teachers I have ever had. He showa you these small details that make a big difference in your BJJ game.

4/22/13 5:24 AM
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I used to go here when I was younger, awesome gym. It's a great facility, reasonable price, good coaching and tons of people to spar with. Phone Post
4/22/13 6:56 AM
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ttt Phone Post 3.0
4/22/13 10:24 AM
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Sounds like a one stop shop. I wish I lived on the area so I can join... Phone Post
4/22/13 1:27 PM
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someonestolemysocks - Will Cesar help me with my taxes?
He'll do a lot but not that lol Phone Post 3.0
4/23/13 12:55 AM
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ttt Phone Post 3.0
4/23/13 1:59 AM
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I took a seminar there with the can't stop crazy crew it was really dope Phone Post
4/24/13 10:32 AM
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mmaattorney - I took a seminar there with the can't stop crazy crew it was really dope Phone Post
Yea. The yearly seminars are sick! Phone Post 3.0
4/24/13 11:52 AM
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They get like rob kaman seminars and diamond did a seminar there once too. Rip Phone Post
4/24/13 12:40 PM
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CSA is the place to trane!! Phone Post 3.0
4/24/13 1:38 PM
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where is this
4/24/13 2:13 PM
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Dublin ca in bay area Phone Post
4/25/13 2:55 AM
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Brasco - where is this
Dublin,CA Phone Post 3.0
4/25/13 3:55 AM
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let me know if you guys need a certified tae bo instructor, i'm free. but seriously though place sounds awesome
4/25/13 3:12 PM
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pharochuck - let me know if you guys need a certified tae bo instructor, i'm free. but seriously though place sounds awesome
U can teach me to billy blanks the F outta someone Phone Post 3.0
4/26/13 1:46 PM
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ttt Phone Post 3.0
4/27/13 5:08 PM
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ttt Phone Post 3.0
4/27/13 8:55 PM
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Bump Phone Post 3.0
4/28/13 9:29 PM
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5/1/13 2:08 PM
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Come on over folks Phone Post 3.0
5/2/13 3:21 PM
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5/6/13 5:58 PM
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Who's coming to visit?! Phone Post 3.0