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11/18/12 3:48 AM
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Not come back around. He had a camera and some money in his face and showed his true colors, and stabbed his teammates in the back. He was gone for good, and he'd be smart to never show his little sissy face around his gym ever again.
Anyone have any info on this. I read it on Caesars facebookpage..... Any idea who or what was said? Phone Post
11/18/12 3:49 AM
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11/18/12 3:51 AM
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11/18/12 3:52 AM
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Caio Terra

11/18/12 3:59 AM
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11/18/12 4:03 AM
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He also said, by now we ALL know that one of my students had a camera in his face..... So it's gotta b out there Phone Post
11/18/12 4:05 AM
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Damn... sjgr. Phone Post
11/18/12 4:13 AM
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What happened why they beefin? Phone Post
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11/18/12 4:57 AM
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Ceasar has got to be one of the unhappiest guys ever. DOes he ever have anything positive to say?

11/18/12 6:32 AM
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So childish, grow up Cesar. Phone Post
11/18/12 6:37 AM
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Fair enough Phone Post
11/18/12 6:40 AM
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Ugh.... Phone Post
11/18/12 6:45 AM
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Would lol so fucking hard at that joke of a camp if the reason for this is that Caio trained Carlos Condit. Isn't Ceasar the one talking shit about BJ because he doesn't come train with him?
11/18/12 8:01 AM
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11/18/12 8:09 AM
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I don't have a problem with this... Caio should know better. Maybe there was already some kind of falling out that was about to happen anyway, this just gives them a nice easy reason to go separate ways
11/18/12 8:09 AM
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Ceasar does not seem like a happy person. Always angry at someone. Phone Post
11/18/12 8:46 AM
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There's something to be said for loyalty. That group of guys seems to take that stuff really seriously.

11/18/12 8:52 AM
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I'd understand this more if Terra trained someone to fight one of Cesar's fighters. Instead this sounds pissy Phone Post
11/18/12 9:22 AM
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Interested to see if he's still teaching next week... Phone Post
11/18/12 9:50 AM
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This took longer to be addressed then I thought it would. I'm watching "Primetime" last week and Caio walks in and I immediately thought, "Doesn't he represent Cesar?"

I thought it was a weak move on Condit's camp! It's like Jone's bringing Couture in to prepare for Henderson or Sonnen, Machida bringing Wanderlei in to prepare for Shogun.
11/18/12 9:55 AM
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ChokeEmOut - No room for snakes in your grass! Of course the majority here have no sense of loyalty and only think in terms of money.

11/18/12 9:56 AM
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Et tu Caio?

11/18/12 9:56 AM
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As soon As I saw him on the episode I was like huh I don't see the Diaz brothers taking kindly to this, I wonder if he still works with cesar... Guess now I know. But I've trained under terra before, the guys truly a star
11/18/12 10:05 AM
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TERRAs has nothing to learn from CEASAR anyways

bet RENZO would take him or one of the other REAL gracies
bet RENZO would take him or one of the other REAL gracies
bet RENZO would take him or one of the other REAL gracies