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2/24/13 9:00 PM
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did i hear correct when cat said shes a one trick pony and its not like she can do that to everyone?

excuse me for real if im wrong but HASNT ronda done the same thing to everyone? in every single fight?


ronda over cat by 1st round armbar and you read it here 1st!


2/24/13 9:01 PM
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2/24/13 9:02 PM
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Thanks Cat. I was having trouble going to sleep. Your comments just made me soooooo drowsy.....

2/24/13 10:04 PM
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2/24/13 10:04 PM
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If the 1 trick is winning then I want that trick Phone Post
2/24/13 11:29 PM
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Why would she show her other tricks in a fight if they are not needed? Noone can stop the one trick shes been using. When someone finally does stop they wont be prepared for whatever she pulls out next.

War Ronda!!!!! Phone Post
2/24/13 11:32 PM
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Old Thrashbarg -  Agree with cat. You know who else is a one trick pony? That Anderson Silva guy. All he does is win. That one "winning" trick over and over. Damn these one trick ponys.

And no, not comparing Honda to the spider. Phone Post

Most fighters don't even have one trick.
2/24/13 11:35 PM
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With all due respect, Ronda would armbar Cat (and Miesha again).
2/24/13 11:42 PM
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I'd like to see Cat Zingano on Ronda Rousey.
2/25/13 10:40 AM
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kying418 - With all due respect, Ronda would armbar Cat (and Miesha again).

so true

2/25/13 10:43 AM
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Didn't she say this standing next to Miesha? LMAO.
2/25/13 10:45 AM
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youarewhatiswrong - I'd like to see Cat Zingano on Ronda Rousey.
hey now! Phone Post
2/25/13 11:08 AM
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She said She's a one trick pony by definition. Which by DEFINITION she is. All of her fights have ended by armbar in the first. Cat wasn't saying that's all ronda has, it's just all she has shown so far. Phone Post
2/25/13 1:32 PM
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Story was twisted just like a UG Blog thread, Cat said Ronda has more than just one skill. Phone Post
2/25/13 1:35 PM
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Cat needs to worry about The Miesha first......
2/25/13 1:36 PM
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UGCTT_VA757_GJTT -  Story was twisted just like a UG Blog thread, Cat said Ronda has more than just one skill. Phone Post




"I mean, by definition, yes, but you know, really, I'm sure she has more of an arsenal, she's beem an athlete her whole life."

2/25/13 1:56 PM
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Cat did not say that! Listen to the whole damn interview.

Cat was very respectful and said that "by definition she would be, but that is because she has not had to use anything else". Cat said that she is sure Ronda has an arsenal and that she has been an athlete all her life.

2/25/13 2:13 PM
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i actually think she is a one trick pony. its just that none of the other girls can seem to get out of that hip-toss/armbar. i highly doubt any of them will.
2/25/13 2:16 PM
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I bet she has great throws and chokes too......Far from a one trick pony......Can't blame her for using the armbar, as it is what she does best.......Doesn't mean she can't doe other stuff.......
2/25/13 2:27 PM
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I agree, a lot of holes can be filled.

"After watching that, Meisha, are the juices flowing? Are you anxious? You must have been watching that dreaming of being in that position."

So much dirtiness in this interview.
2/25/13 2:28 PM
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People should watch the interview before they post. Cat was very respectful, and OP got this completely wrong.

2/27/13 2:51 AM
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1:46 cat says, it doesnt mean she can do it everyone,(YES SHE CAN) shes just done it too everyone so far(SO IF YOU BEAT MIESHA CAT, STOP THE ARMBAR)



go one trick pony ronda by armbar over either of these chicks

2/27/13 3:07 AM
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2/27/13 3:24 AM
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One of my great mentors in life told me don't try and be different, be the best.. THAT is different.

She can armbar every opponent she faces and it would be just fine with me.
2/27/13 12:31 PM
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Is English her first language? Might be deserving of a break. She seemed very respectful.