UnderGround Forums Chael Sonnen's final warning to Jon Jones

4/24/13 10:37 AM
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4/24/13 10:42 AM
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This guy is actually so funny with his whit! Good luck to the Gangster!
4/24/13 10:47 AM
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TTT Phone Post 3.0
4/24/13 11:46 AM
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I'm curious if chael loses this fight in convincing fashion what the UFC will do with him... has he ever hinted at retiring? am hoping he puts up a good fight but just don't like the match-up...
4/24/13 12:00 PM
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and much like the sopranos it'll probably have a shitty ending

4/24/13 12:59 PM
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on way into work today, i saw Chael coming in the building (probbaly because Sirius radio has some floors here.

i see celebs all the time and could really care less. i did run over to Chael to say im a big fan and to wish him goodluck though.

im a big fan of how hard he trains and also that how well he does for himself on the business end

go Chael
4/24/13 1:03 PM
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The kaboom bit was cringey.

4/24/13 1:04 PM
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*kiss the ring* lol

4/24/13 1:10 PM
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chael gets ass kicked, retires, and gets a new job talking smack on tv where he really excels
4/24/13 1:19 PM
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Chael always delivers the lols
4/24/13 1:45 PM
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This is getting old....sigh
4/24/13 1:48 PM
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Chael is awesome. Good to have a bit of personality in the ufc Phone Post 3.0
4/24/13 1:49 PM
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Carla come back to Venice i will be your personal guide please.
4/24/13 1:58 PM
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4/24/13 5:58 PM
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chaplinshouse - 

and much like the sopranos it'll probably have a shitty ending

He fought Anderson twice, and neither fight was a shitty ending. Everybody loses to Anderson, and Chael is the only guy that has made Anderson even have to put forth some effort.

I doubt JBJ is looking through Chael. He's not that dumb.
4/24/13 5:58 PM
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Chael isn't going to be timid and sit on the outside and get picked apart like fighters are when they fight Jon. He's going to run at him and punch him in the mouth. It's going to be a better fight than people think.
4/24/13 6:44 PM
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Jones won't overlook him. Hell he made sure not to fight him on short notice because Chael is dangerous.

Sure he lost to Anderson twice.

Once he dominated Anderson for 4 and a half rounds and got submitted. Will Jones be able to pull a sub like that?

Next time he dominated Anderson in the first round. In round 2 he fell and Anderson pounced with lethal force. Does Jones have the same ability that Anderson has to pounce on such short notice and be as deadly? Who knows.

So while I believe Jones will prevail due to being prepared for all Chael will bring. There's no way it'll be easy against Chael and Chael will push him harder than anyone else. People forget that Chael got inside Anderson and knocked him on his ass with strikes as well.
4/24/13 7:03 PM
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CarlaEsparza -

*kiss the ring* lol

Welcome to the UG Carla! Phone Post 3.0
4/24/13 7:28 PM
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So excited Phone Post
4/24/13 8:22 PM
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CarlaEsparza - 

*kiss the ring* lol

Welcome to the UG!  One thing though, I am pretty sure you are not a male as indicated by your profile.  Just a heads up.

4/24/13 10:44 PM
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This will be Chael's final warning to anybody as Jones is going to murder him in the octagon.
4/24/13 10:51 PM
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A Soprano's reference in 2013.

How very fresh.

I guess Chael is better than most MMA fighters when it comes to trash talk but this promo packed as much funny as The Situation at the Donald Trump Roast on Comedy Central.

See, another dated reference.

Although it's fresher than New Jersey/Soprano's.

This just wasn't a pipe bomb.

It was more like a bang snap.

I guess that's good enough in a sport where most guys make Ben Henderson's proposal seem like The Rock showed up in the building.

The main question is has anything Sonnen said caused anyone who wasn't buying the fight to decide to plunk down 60 on Saturday?

If anything it's too little too late and he had all season on TUF to sell this bout so it just feels stiff and put upon. Phone Post
4/25/13 8:10 AM
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4/25/13 12:46 PM
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Can't help it....i love this guy!
4/25/13 1:08 PM
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how can you love the guy? he never backs up anything he says!