UnderGround Forums Chael vs Rashad @ 205

1/23/13 6:26 PM
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Who wins and how?
1/23/13 6:29 PM
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Rashad, by knocking his damn head off. Sprawl N' Brawl...
1/23/13 6:37 PM
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Rashad by dec.

1/23/13 8:11 PM
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I think this is a bad matchup for Rashad, actually. I got Chael.
1/23/13 8:17 PM
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Chael via pressure. Phone Post
1/23/13 8:21 PM
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Rashad by skip to my lou.

1/23/13 8:47 PM
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Shad over Cow
1/23/13 8:50 PM
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Chael could barely get Bisping down, what makes you think he can get Rashad down?

Rashad has much, much better TDD defense than Anderson, Stann, and Marquardt.
1/23/13 8:50 PM
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Wow Rashad's bandwagon emptied fast huh.. I think he takes this fight, because I think Phil Davis is bigger, stronger and a better wrestler than Sonnen and Rashad did fine against him..

Chael is a beast at 185, but let's face it, he lost to Bisping and 205 is a whole different beast, and I don't believe Dolce when he says Chael is 240 and stacked Phone Post
1/23/13 8:57 PM
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"Chael could barely get Bisping down, what makes you think he can get Rashad down?"

Rashad couldn't get Bisping down either iirc and was taken down by him.

1/23/13 9:05 PM
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Rashad could barely take bisping down too. Rashad vs bisping was about as close as chael vs bisping. Phone Post
1/23/13 9:21 PM
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Rashad if he doesn't beat himself.
1/23/13 9:24 PM
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Anderson Emelianenko GOAT - people choosing Sonnen are extremely delusional


1/23/13 9:24 PM
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Anderson Emelianenko GOAT - pretty sure Rashad has improved since he fought bisping, after all he did win a title.

what the hell has Bisping done since they fought? get KO'd in the highest profile fights of his career, that's what.

Rashad didn't win his title by taking down Forrest.

Rashad's takedowns haven't been all that great until more recently (Davis fight).

1/23/13 9:27 PM
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yooooo Lets make Chael vs Bernard Hopkins son