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2/20/09 1:09 AM
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haha. That's gold. Most fake fighters just have a myspace page, but this guy actually created a wikipedia page for himself.

It is beyond laughable. I think we should all applaud this guy for doing so much in his life at such a young age. Not just what he has accomplished in mma, but in life.

I'm waiting anyday for the update to his firefighter section about how he rescued ten children from a burning building by himself.
2/20/09 1:26 AM
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jesus christ that is terrible.
2/20/09 1:30 AM
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2/20/09 1:33 AM
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 Looks completely legit :

John Decyk
Height 6 ft
Weight 243 lb
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Born June 19, 1985 (1985-06-19) (age 23)
Fighting out of Mercersburg, PA, U.S.
Town of birth Brooklyn, NY, United States
Fighting style Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Mixed martial arts record
Wins 57
  By knockout 41
  By submission 16
Losses 5
Draws 2
No contests 0
2/20/09 1:35 AM
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Had to add something:

*"The closest thing to pain I've ever felt was when I learned GSP already had a man."
(John Decyk 2009)
2/20/09 1:38 AM
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2/20/09 1:44 AM
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^^Looks like a champ to me!
2/20/09 1:44 AM
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Wow... this is one of the worst of these "fake fighters" I have ever seen.

2/20/09 1:44 AM
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Just added this under "personal life"

Very little Is known concerning the personal life of John Decyk besides his history with beastality. Decyk, a lover of animals, has frequently been banned from local SPCA's and Shelters due to inappropiate behavior with the animals. Apparently he requests to see a dog or cat, and then rubs the animals genitals in his face in hopes of leaving their scent on his beard. Decyk has also been connected with goat smuggling. In 2003, Decyk was arrested by the PA police after being caught trying to smuggle goat genitles into the country. Apparently he used the male organ as a form of straw to drink his Miller Lite. In 2004, Decyk was quoted stating "Miller Lite tastes better through a goat dick." Decyk has no children- and it is reported that due to high levels of Hampster seamen found in his system, he cannot produce children.
2/20/09 1:48 AM
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JUst goes to show you how easy crap is passed off as fact on the internet. WikiPedia is basically supposed to be an online encyclopedia that people actually use a reference and they don't even do a basic fact check before publishing. I honestly think this is just a joke, This guy is probably out to prove how easy it is to get something on WikiPedia
2/20/09 1:49 AM
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funny as hell. he's got a punchers chance... bout knocked himself out with those chicken wing elbows or slipped a disc.
2/20/09 1:55 AM
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Here's a picture from his myspace page, and the caption under it is "Bounty Hunter in Shape". I'm not usually one to jump on these things, but this is too damn funny.

2/20/09 2:03 AM
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Nice Punisher Belt - fuckin LMAO!!
2/20/09 2:08 AM
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Here he is fighting for the Heavyweight Title:



And here he is with his well deserved belt


And here is his tattoo which stands for "Baddest Mother Fucker on the Planet"

2/20/09 2:16 AM
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From his myspace page:

"I am still a fighter in my spare time I continue to train daily but it has been a while since I had a good scrap. My most recent opponant Vasil Draftka whos stats were 6.5 352lbs is still a good friend of mine even though I did whip his ass in the first round he got the best of me and did some serious damage haha."
2/20/09 2:16 AM
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he must be the first Gracie Juijitsu fighter with 3/4 of his wins by KO. Someone myspace message him with this thread's link.
2/20/09 2:25 AM
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2/20/09 2:33 AM
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omg his myspace is too much, i wanna fight this kid sooo bad!
2/20/09 2:55 AM
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Here are some of his other sites:






Is listed under "Famous Birthdays"

For his professional acting career:

Listed as a pro fighter:

He's pretty famous on the internet.
2/20/09 3:02 AM
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And I don't know what the hell is going on with this, but yahoo finds some crazy shit:


Nov 8, 2007
Andrew Gazton wrote:
I would like to know how celebritys can get away with the things they do here is another prime example. We have a "Celebrity" in this town named John Decyk he is some sort of boxer and actor or something but because of his name the Police let him get away with everything. Dosen't seem fair to me how he can walk away from the things he can has and will continue to do.
Karen Dopkant wrote:
I would love to know what the heck you are talking about somebody getting away with something illegal and what this person has done that he's not answering for. I would know about all of this because I am his mother. If you think you know something more then me then I would love for you to spill it. Personally I think you are talking out the side of your mouth and have illusions going on
2/20/09 3:04 AM
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I editered his wiki page
2/20/09 3:06 AM
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Gold AMazing FInd. GEt some experts to troll this guy and dont tip him off that we're on to him
2/20/09 3:19 AM
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JAM MAN - Who I'd like to meet:
Fidel Castro Mikal Gorbachof Osama Bin Laden and Adolf Hitler all in the same room and speaking english just so I could ask why I think it would make a good conversation before I became a national hero by bringing home four bodys.

I don't know where to begin. Lol.
2/20/09 3:26 AM
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 HMM, Can all TOT members please report to this thread ASAP, i repeat, paging all TOT members. We have a life to ruin and nobody contact this idiot until we make a plan.
2/20/09 3:30 AM
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 Shitdog is on to this fag too so we need to hurry before someone contacts him and blows this. Anybody that has any info on this character make sure you save it.