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I sincerely am.>Dude, wtf. I actually got up and walked away from the fight in the 3rd round from sheer dissapoint.I came back in the last 30 seconds because I just had to.I've always been a big fan of his.

I know he's never going to win a strap and I felt bad about all of his personal struggles and suspensions.
But what the fuck? WhaT WAS THAT?Why did you not throw left hooks- where was your ground game against the blanket that was on you?
Where did the moving forward and smushing people against the cage and stomping thier feet?Why did you not bang bro?

I thought this was going to be the start of a good, sober run of some great fights
I'm sure he will straighten it out, right?
12/30/12 2:05 AM
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He showed a lot of heart but there was definitely something off with Leben tonight.

12/30/12 2:06 AM
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dude, lets see how you do after a 13 month layoff

12/30/12 2:09 AM
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Jason - 

dude, lets see how you do after a 13 month layoff

I kinda agree. The way I see it, he has his own gym and 13 months to come back from auspension, not an injury. Unless I'm mistaken.

I see it as 13 months to trane and get better. I'm not knocking the guy, I've seen every fight he's had in the UFC and cheered for him every time.
12/30/12 2:14 AM
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He's also off the drugs now too. Sometimes that changes a person. Phone Post
12/30/12 2:16 AM
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I'm sure the layoff was a big factor but I actually fell asleep in the second round (proper sleep) Phone Post
12/30/12 2:24 AM
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Jason - 

dude, lets see how you do after a 13 month layoff

That's a fair point, but you can't deny there was something more than cage rust affecting Leben tonight. He looked very lethargic from the opening bell.
12/30/12 2:30 AM
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Who the fuck you calling son sum bitch Phone Post
12/30/12 2:46 AM
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I didn't think he looked healthy recently...he looks to shriveled or something, like perhaps he may be meant to be at a higher weight and 185 is sucking him dry...But at 205 he'd be to small..I dunno, he just looked to drained in the recent pics I've seen of him leading up to the fight.
12/30/12 2:49 AM
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Long layoff plus wear and tear may be catching up to him. He's taken a ton of punishment over the years.
12/30/12 2:50 AM
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It was more the lack of killer instict that bothered me.
12/30/12 2:52 AM
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It's probably hard to go for the kill when you know the moment you overcommit you're going to get taken down.
12/30/12 3:02 AM
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I agree. I've been a Leben fan for years but he looked like shit tonight. Slow and plodding, hands down and easy to hit.
12/30/12 3:10 AM
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PostOPandProudAMA - 

might have something to do with having nothing to "enhance his perfomance"

I honestly don't think that had anything to do with it,

This guy ko'ed Wand and a couple other really tough guys and this clown he fought tonite, he just let him off the hook
12/30/12 3:11 AM
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Looked normal to me coming from a Leben fan. Brunson avoided the big punches and took Leben down at key times in the fight. Props to Brunson and Chris will be back. His next fight will most certainly be do or die. Phone Post
12/30/12 3:21 AM
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Leben actually seemed really slow in this fight. Whether it was time, age, ring rust, fitness, or injury... we can't be sure until his next fight. He sure looked lousy out there tonight though.
12/30/12 3:24 AM
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Jason -

dude, lets see how you do after a 13 month layoff

. Phone Post
12/30/12 11:07 AM
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Maybe he will get it together
12/30/12 11:11 AM
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Guy was a monster black athlete who would give anyone fits. Type of guy who can take out 4 cops and remain at large after committing a crime!
12/30/12 11:20 AM
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"I'm sure the layoff was a big factor but I actually fell asleep in the second round (proper sleep)"

Well, It's good that it was proper sleep at least. The body needs that.
12/30/12 11:28 AM
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If a new viewer had watched this fight, they would never watch another.

Amateur fight was amateur. Local Texas MMA has better performances.
12/30/12 2:15 PM
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12/30/12 2:41 PM
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Leben was not better than the guy he fought. End of story.

12/30/12 2:42 PM
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umm Leben has always been slow and lethargic out there..he has never had good handspeed or been fast on his feet..he has always relied on his iron chin and KO power to win fights..last night he just fought someone that was much faster and stronger than him..

Lebens striking is awful..
12/30/12 2:51 PM
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karma of the spritz....