UnderGround Forums Chrome Malware Warning For MMA.TV?

1/22/13 7:13 AM
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I got a Chrome warning earlier when I went to see what the OG side of things was all about. It was seriously my first time going there (which is why I am not going back and posting this here).


Should I be concerned about this? I really would prefer not getting internet herpes.

Thanks for the help in advance.


1/22/13 8:30 AM
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Sometimes Banner adds are the issue, not the actual website you visit, just don't click on banner adds =P
1/22/13 8:51 AM
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I just tested using Chrome and got nothing. Anyone else getting it?

1/22/13 8:55 AM
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ive never had that issue. maybe it has something to do with you wacthing so much free shit online. tab1-2
1/22/13 9:00 AM
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Brand new computer with windows 8 (1 day old). Brand new Chrome install. I havent gone anywhere litterally other than here, google mail and Cole Konrads profile (as you can see from the tab above). I am lost in Windows 8 "(


Here is the place I went: http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&forum=2&thread=1290484&page=25