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4/22/17 2:56 AM
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Cody is a great fighter but he's a real dick from everything I've ever seen of him

Oh everything about his personality outside of being nice to that kid just screams asshole

That was nice of him but I'm beginning to think the more I see from him that that might have been an act or a PR stunt to gain fans

I think he is like the Diaz bros or even Rhonda.
They are assholes to the people they hate and do not care to hide it but they are sweethearts to the people they care about.

So assholes?

I would not call someone who gives free bjj classes to kids an asshole.
4/22/17 3:23 AM
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da Vinci 81 - Selling the footage? Lol, what's he going to get, like 10 bucks?
Bout Tree Fiddy

Wow, that hilarious gem never gets old. 



So old an annoying.. funny thing is its a newer poster
You guys are lame as shit.

Pay that man his treefiddy and shut the fuck up.
4/22/17 6:46 AM
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I like Cody from what I saw on TUF. This type of shit is just building the fight and getting us talking. Fine by me.
4/22/17 7:31 AM
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Cody comes across as a cunt. And I'm by no means a TJ fan

4/22/17 2:01 PM
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Papa_Raptor - $50k to whatever charity Dillashaw chooses. He's got to one up the guy who just won the belt, and immediately gave it to a cancer kid.

Lmao that would awesome.