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6/26/13 4:04 PM
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Thoughts on Combat Jiu Jitsu?

At the University of MMA we've been working with Eddie Bravo to establish and promote this. We have it approved at the amateur level in California (with approval from the California State Athletic Commission and CAMO) and down the road we'll try for professional approval.

What is combat jiu jitsu? In a nutshell, it's no-gi BJJ with strikes allowed on the ground (not standing).

It's halfway between BJJ and MMA and it's meant to be a stepping stone for grapplers to transition.

We've done several combat jiu jitsu bouts featuring 10th Planet versus some great schools (eventually we'll do more).

Here's the last bout we promoted! Jorge Pineda (Testai Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Kings MMA) versus Nate Harris (10th Planet Santa Fe).

6/26/13 4:05 PM
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6/26/13 4:12 PM
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what kind of gloves?

are elbows allowed?

what about upkicks if both fighters are down? (anderson vs okami 1 style)

6/26/13 4:26 PM
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Kind of cool but I Prefer pure bjj and mma to it. Phone Post
6/26/13 4:30 PM
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Very cool idea. The transition from grappling is so huge that a big grappling event gets 1000 competitors and 1000 spectators. Regional MMA show gets 20 compettitors and 1000 spectators. I am glad there is a shorter bridge than 1000 all the way down to 20.

6/26/13 4:32 PM
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8 oz MMA gloves (required in California at the amateur level).

No elbows allowed.

I am trying to picture the upkicks if both fighters are down (haven't seen Anderson/Okami 1). More of a semi up sideways kick? haha Regardless, if they are both down they can do it.
6/26/13 4:32 PM
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Interesting idea... should be no cage though and just on something like a canvas or a mat, IMO.

6/26/13 4:41 PM
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A long time ago I did Michael D Pasquale Jr's combat jiu jitsu! Original judge from the UFC in Holmdel, Jersey. Phone Post
6/26/13 5:06 PM
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I'm a fan! Have seen it and I like it.

Echoing Turi & Kirik, Combat Jiu Jitsu is a great bridge to have for grapplers thinking about MMA. And it also makes for a fun grappling match... well, in this case I'll finally call the match a fight a feel justified about it.
6/26/13 5:19 PM
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Case, i hear ya! I love BJJ and practice myself.

I think BJJ is more fun to practice than to watch. My frustration is always the stalling, especially with the gi. The strikes directly nullify the stalling. But I totally get your point, pure BJJ is pure BJJ.
6/26/13 5:22 PM
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Thanks Kirik! Come check out a show some time! Next one is 8/25 at Club Nokia across the street from STAPLES Center. We are trying to pull off a really fun CJJ match with a big hook, but can't say until we know we can make it happen :)
6/26/13 5:23 PM
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I think it sounds fun and cool, and I would enjoy watching it for sure. Realistically though, it is a gimmick. I predict that it won't gain traction. It will be fun while it lasts.
6/26/13 5:27 PM
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Michael, we use a cage because we primarily promote MMA. We add 1-2 CJJ bouts per card and work with Eddie on that.

Down the road we'd like to get the rules changed so that it can be done on mats or a non-cage. Takes time and steps. Just getting them to approve the concept was a big deal.
6/26/13 5:29 PM
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Diazed, I am not a fan of elbows but we followed the amateur MMA guidelines in California and they don't allow elbows. We wouldn't have had a choice anyway.
6/26/13 5:49 PM
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Cool idea, I'd do it. Phone Post 3.0
6/26/13 5:50 PM
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Buddie, maybe! Eddie believes in it but at the same time it may take some big names in the BJJ world who embrace it and want to compete under this format.

But regardless, I think it's a great option for grapplers who plan on doing MMA. Strikers who have weak ground games can still prepare for MMA by competing in boxing or muay thai events and this is the flip side for grapplers.
6/26/13 5:58 PM
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sounds better than straight bjj

6/26/13 6:04 PM
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Here are the two Combat Jiu Jitsu bouts we have done (videos on youtube). Can someone post them properly since I suck?

Jorge Pineda vs Nate Harris

Jorge is Bjorn Rebney's assistant so there were a lot of Bellator people in the house (including Bjorn) cheering him on. I think we have to find Dana White's assistant and set this match up! haha Nate Harris is from 10th Planet Santa Fe and trains under Eddie and Tait Fletcher.

Kris Gonzalez vs. Erik Compella Cruz
This was the first ever combat jiu jitsu bout in California. Compella is Eddie Bravo's band mate in Smoke Serpeant and a 10th PLanet brown belt. Kris is a tough sob who had been doing MMA in So Cal and wanted to try CJJ.
6/26/13 6:06 PM
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Awesome Phone Post
6/26/13 6:22 PM
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No way in hell would I ever do MMA. I love grappling tournaments though and could potentially give something like this a try.

I would rather it be tournament style though, several mats going at once and not in single cage, center of attention kind of thing. Phone Post
6/26/13 6:54 PM
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Marc,if a wrestler comes in and ground and pounds people to death then it means jiu jitsu folks need to adjust and improve their game. It will help them get better and it will help jiu jitsu get better.
6/26/13 7:34 PM
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Matches for TuriAltavilla

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Double post

6/26/13 9:39 PM
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CJJ on a mat like the metamoris mat is the goal. I would even be open to no gloves with palm strikes only. We'll see how this all plays out.

Imagine the metamoris match ups with strikes allowed on the ground.

Would it be more entertaining or less? Phone Post 3.0
6/26/13 9:55 PM
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ChipW - No way in hell would I ever do MMA. I love grappling tournaments though and could potentially give something like this a try.

I would rather it be tournament style though, several mats going at once and not in single cage, center of attention kind of thing. Phone Post
Chip, in all seriousness you wouldn't notice the crowd thing ie the center of attention. When you fight mma, the cage and lighting blur all that out. This sounds like it honestly would be fun and attract some grapplers that don't want to do mma. Cheers For the concept Phone Post