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2/7/12 10:14 PM
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Condit accepts rematch with Diaz

[The Underground]

Sources close to the deal just now confirmed with The Underground that Carlos Condit has accepted a rematch with Nick Diaz for the interim welterweight title.

Condit said 'Yes, I accept the rematch' and will be in Las Vegas on Thursday to finalize the deal with the UFC.

This past Saturday, Diaz and Condit fought to a five round decision, a decision that went in the favor of Condit. Diaz, along with many fans, fighters, and media had thought he had done enough to win a decision, but all three judges scored the bout for Condit.

At the post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White said there was a possibility a rematch could be made, but it seemed unlikely as Diaz had said post-bout that he was retiring from fighting and earlier today Condit's camp said they were not interested in a rematch.

It's unclear at this time as to when the rematch will take place, but it looks like the fans got what they asked for.


2/7/12 10:14 PM
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 In before the UG blows up.... again.
2/7/12 10:16 PM
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2/7/12 10:16 PM
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Good!!!!! Phone Post
2/7/12 10:16 PM
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2/7/12 10:17 PM
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 Does this mean if Nick wins Carlos will get the rubber match if Diaz beats GSP, or that Carlos will get the first title shot if GSP wins?
2/7/12 10:17 PM
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2/7/12 10:17 PM
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Good shit Dana/Lorenzo!
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Everyone is so excited...
Yet complained about paying for the PPV...
Said how boring the fight was...
Never want to buy another PPV with Condit on it again.

If you hated it so much, you really want to see it again?

Same fight, same result.

If you scored in-octagon talking, diaz would be p4p the best. In reality, it means jack shit when your being punched and kicked.

p.s. You know if the situation was reversed Diaz wouldnt return the favor.... credit to Carlos.
2/7/12 10:18 PM
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Condit got paid I'm sure.
2/7/12 10:19 PM
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but the dorks on the UG said he was too scared!
2/7/12 10:19 PM
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but when Diaz has no answer for good footwork, but to put his hands down and scream "common MF" what will they say then?
2/7/12 10:19 PM
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Fuck yes! I like both fighters, found myself pulling for Nick, but thought Condit won. Wasn't the fight I thought it would be, but what can ya do. Phone Post
2/7/12 10:20 PM
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If this one is close, I say let's have the trilogy!!!

I'm so fucking pumped regardless!!!
2/7/12 10:20 PM
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2/7/12 10:20 PM
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Wonder how deep Dana reached in his pocket book for this one. Either way good! And I expect it to look the same unless Diaz practices cutting him off or remembers about that BJJ thing before the final rounds. Phone Post
2/7/12 10:20 PM
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2/7/12 10:21 PM
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 I hope this is not true.  The rematch isn't going to be any different.
2/7/12 10:21 PM
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So if you threaten to quit you get what u want. He lost move on Phone Post
2/7/12 10:21 PM
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am i the only one that doesnt want to see a rematch?the first fight sucked tbh..
2/7/12 10:21 PM
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Gotta respect Carlos for that.
2/7/12 10:21 PM
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My face just melted ....

(In before the 'Diaz doesn't deserve a rematch! He lost! He Retired!' Complaints ....) Phone Post
2/7/12 10:22 PM
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Gaining back respec for condit Phone Post
2/7/12 10:23 PM
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Now everyone can SHUT THE FUCK UP Phone Post
2/7/12 10:23 PM
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GODDAMN, I love the UFC! Many thanks and much love to Dana/Lorenzo, Condit, and Diaz for making this happen, and for being such bad mother fuckers!