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10/17/13 11:17 AM
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DFW: If Renzo wants to fight, call me


When Renzo Gracie announced that he wanted to fight again, the overwhelming response in the industry was "why?" Gracie, 46, runs the most successful martial arts school in America, has trained two current UFC champions, and is widely revered in the sport.

However, Renzo appeared on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and offered a definitive answer as to why he wants to fight.

"For having nothing to prove nor nothing to gain," he said. "To fight for what it is without reason, without greed, just for the passion to step once again in the arena and be an inspiration for a future generation of great fighters. To prove that age is only a handicap for the soft ones. And above all, because I love it."

Appearing on Fox Sports Live, UFC president Dana White was amenable to discussing it.

"He's got my phone number," said White. "If Renzo wants to fight, Renzo can call me."

If Renzo does fight in the UFC, who would like to see him matched up with? Kelvin Gastelum maybe?

10/17/13 11:23 AM
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Renzo vs Royce

10/17/13 11:32 AM
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Renzo vs Guida. No one will be harmed during that fight. Phone Post
10/17/13 11:34 AM
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He wants to fight at 155 gastelum is a welterweight. Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 11:35 AM
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Some ideas:

Bocek, Danzig, Nate Diaz, Gomi, Benson, Lauzon, Maynard, Diego Sanchez, Sherk (still listed on ufc.com), Wiman.
10/17/13 11:37 AM
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Renzo vs Lauzon would be really cool to see. Phone Post
10/17/13 11:38 AM
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Renzo vs Melvin. Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 11:42 AM
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I really think bringing back Sherk for a superfight would be a great idea. He's 40, so hopefully he wouldn't crush 46 year old Renzo like some active fighters might. AFAIK he didn't make a lot of money, in spite of being a UFC champ, so it would be good to see him hit a solid payday.
10/17/13 11:59 AM
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Gomi ? Forgot about Sherk,could be good fight.

10/17/13 12:07 PM
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Damn all tough fights, no disrespect to renzo but he's gonna take a beating. unless he changed drastically from his last fight in the UFC. Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 2:20 PM
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if he wants a fight give him cerrone, tj grant,pat healy or even cody mckenzie
10/17/13 2:36 PM
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pheonix5 -

Gomi ? Forgot about Sherk,could be good fight.

I'm pretty sure Sherk is fighting Cole Conrad. Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 2:48 PM
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Gomi Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 3:14 PM
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Go I or Guillard Phone Post
10/17/13 3:14 PM
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cripplersc - Go I or Guillard Phone Post
Gomi* Phone Post
10/17/13 3:21 PM
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Yes, Gomi please. Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 3:26 PM
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Bring Ken flo out of retirement for one last fight

Or have him fight Diego, after Diego loses to Gil Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 3:30 PM
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Frank Shamrock

10/17/13 3:47 PM
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Macaco !!! 7 fight winning streak, battle of legends Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 4:06 PM
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Renzo needs to be fighting another old school legend type guy. There is no need for him to be in there with guys in their mid 20's. Nobody wants to see him possibly get hurt at this stage.

TTT for UFC to find Renzo a fight that makes sense.
10/17/13 4:12 PM
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Renzo penn 2 Phone Post
10/17/13 4:23 PM
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GreatCornholio - Gomi, Sakuraba, Uno, Sakurai or Sato. Do it in Japan. Phone Post 3.0
Yep. Gotta be against an aging Japanese legend. Nothing else really makes sense. No one wants to see Renzo being used as a stepping stone by a young up and comer. Sakuraba, gomi, sakurai. Maybe frank shamrock. Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 7:06 PM
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He sure doesn't fight a lot for someone that claims to love it as much as Renzo. Master Salesman!
10/17/13 7:27 PM
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Someone is getting raccoon eyes! Phone Post
10/17/13 7:31 PM
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