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6/12/18 9:08 AM
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Tuesday, June 12th marks the return of the popular weekly fight show ‘Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series’.

The series, which airs exclusively on UFC Fight Pass features five bouts between local stand outs fighting live in front of UFC President Dana White and UFC matchmakers to try and earn a contract with the world’s top MMA promotion.

Main Card (Live on UFC Fight Pass, 8:00 PM EST)

-Alonzo Menifield vs. Dashawn Boatright

-Chris Curtis vs. Sean Lally

-Greg Hardy vs. Austen Lane

-Montel Jackson vs. Rico Discullo

-Kevin Holland vs. Will Santiago

6/12/18 8:13 PM
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IN! Devastating Power bro up first..lol

6/12/18 8:17 PM
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I would think Holland would want to throw the knee on the inside.. 5’7” vs 6’3” seems like an obvious knee..

6/12/18 8:19 PM
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Holland is gonna get KO’d.. he’s leaving his chin the air jumping in. He’s going to get Arlovski’d against Fedor..

6/12/18 8:20 PM
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1-0 Holland. Santiago showed signs early of being able to hurt Holland. If a right connects from Santiago, what happens? A left hurt him early..

6/12/18 8:27 PM
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Good moment early in the round for Santiago, but then he got battered for the rest of the round. 2-0 Holland.

6/12/18 8:29 PM
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Holland is a clown.. he’s gonna get KO’d fucking around with someone closer in size to him. This little dude has almost put him out already..

6/12/18 8:31 PM
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Holland’s garb

6/12/18 8:32 PM
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No contract for u buddy

6/12/18 8:32 PM
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Holland 2-1. Isn’t anything special. Looked like an Andre Dirrell out there. Talented. Size. Looks the part, but is a clown. He’ll be KO’d against higher competition..

6/12/18 8:33 PM
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Showboating in mma is rarely fun to watch especially if you are just barely winning the fight!

Interesting karate slaps and strikes though..meh
6/12/18 8:34 PM
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He definitely has some potential but has a lot of work to go I feel. 

6/12/18 8:39 PM
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That was hard to watch honestly. You're not a Diaz bro.

6/12/18 8:45 PM
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This next one is going to be a good one. I liked Dichulo’s shadow boxing. Let’s see what he can do IN the fight. This Jackson dude has fought cans so far. Dichulo will be a step up in competition for him.. 

6/12/18 8:51 PM
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Dichulo’s got balls. He could have won by DQ if he wanted..

6/12/18 8:52 PM
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Jackson a dirty fighter.. 2 fouls in 1 round. No control for his weapons.. smh DQ

6/12/18 8:54 PM
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9-9 round with the foul..

6/12/18 8:55 PM
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The eyepoke didn’t get called either. That was 3 fouls in one round from Jackson. 1 didn’t get called..

6/12/18 9:00 PM
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19-18 Jackson.. 

6/12/18 9:02 PM
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Another foul from Jackson.. dirty fighter. That a DQ

6/12/18 9:03 PM
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Take your DQ win Dichuro.. fuck Jackson. 4 fouls you deserve that W..

6/12/18 9:04 PM
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That looked intentional

6/12/18 9:06 PM
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Jackson gets the finish but he’s a dirty fighter..

6/12/18 9:11 PM
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Bisiping called him montel Williams around 226 in round 1 lol

6/12/18 9:23 PM
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Greg Hardy brought the nastiest hood rats possible to cheer him on lmao serious power though