UnderGround Forums Dan Hardy story reminds me of Thiago Alves

3/26/13 7:07 AM
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Remember when Alves was going to fight Fitch in California August 2010, and they found a serious medical issue with him, and he took some time off to get it fixed?

It seems like the California commission is the best one when it comes to medical exams because it seems that they find out stuff which other commissions have missed.

3/26/13 7:17 AM
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Hardy's isn't life threatening like Alves' was. Phone Post
3/26/13 7:58 AM
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They bust roiders all the time too... But why do I think they're retarded for some reason? They've done stupid shit too haven't they or am I thinking of something else?
3/26/13 8:05 AM
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They best let hardy fight again!
3/26/13 8:55 AM
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The NJ State Athletic Comission is the one that caught Alves' injury when he was supposed to fight Fitch, not California. Phone Post
3/26/13 9:01 AM
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I was eating at the restaurant Alves gave a prefight interview at. Sazón in NYC. I even met Tracy Lee there. Good times. Phone Post
3/26/13 9:04 AM
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Mahakala - They best let hardy fight again!
He's going to fight again, just not in California. Phone Post