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Dana – “If Sylvia wants to end his career in UFC he has to go on TUF”Former two time UFC champion Tim Sylvia (24-5) recently talked to Fighters Only Magazine expressing interest that he would like to end his career with the UFC. However when the 33-year-old Maine-iac squared off against legendary Mercer, 48, in a mixed martial arts encounter that formed part of the Adrenaline III show in Birmingham, Alabama. Sylvia was knocked out 9 seconds into the bout by an overhand right which left the former champion on the canvas, forcing the referee to call an end to the bout. The president of the UFC, Dana White was vocal on his thoughts regarding Sylvia’s comments on returning to the UFC:“Are you kidding me, he seriously wants to return to the UFC?” asked White “He hasn’t won a fight in years and when he did he usually put everyone to sleep, the only time he’s in an exciting fight is when he’s getting his [expletive] ass handed to him. Look, he just got beat by a near 50 year old in under 10 [expletive] seconds, how do you expect to be taken seriously after that? he just made MMA look like a complete joke. If he has any hopes of ending his career in (the) UFC he will have to go on TUF, there’s no other way he’s getting in”
6/15/09 2:37 PM
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 poor tim...
6/15/09 2:39 PM
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6/15/09 2:40 PM
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LOL, that was harsh even for Dana
6/15/09 2:41 PM
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Tim vs Kimbo
6/15/09 2:42 PM
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Like I said, retirement is the ONLY way!

6/15/09 2:43 PM
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Tim must no have put enough money in cardio box Dana's pockets

what a classy way to speak about your former World Champion
6/15/09 2:43 PM
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 Without Tim Sylvia, Gan McGee would have been the UFC HW champion.
6/15/09 2:43 PM
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Little taller than the average cunt but those comments put you in the cunt category anyway (blaf)
6/15/09 2:45 PM
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 poor bastard, he just can't catch a break sometimes
6/15/09 2:46 PM
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Unless it is his arm.
6/15/09 2:46 PM
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 I would laugh my ass off to see Tim punk BLAF, and i never liked Tim. The way BLAF talks abotu people is fuckign disgusting. I want to see him get fucked up, like beat the shit out of fucked up.
6/15/09 2:48 PM
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That's going to be The Dana's new "thing", "You want in the UFC, go threw TUF". LOL

6/15/09 2:48 PM
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MountainMedic -  poor bastard, he just can't catch a break sometimes

Don't you think it's mainly his fault? I honestly can't feel bad for the guy, he clearly has fallen off (and that's an understatement). What happens if he loses at Trilogy?

Hang em up Sylvia!
6/15/09 2:49 PM
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harsh, and over the top
6/15/09 2:49 PM
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 What a dickhead
6/15/09 2:49 PM
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 Sylvia is probably on suicide watch after that....
6/15/09 2:51 PM
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Misedukatd -  Without Tim Sylvia, Gan McGee would have been the UFC HW champion.

Blame Rizzo for that, since he lost to Gan in the first place.

Sylvia also pissed hot after beating McGee, another negative on Tim's legacy.
6/15/09 2:52 PM
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 Does this set the stage for a Superheavyweight TUF?
6/15/09 2:52 PM
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That's uncalled for. At least DW didn't disrespect Chuck for going out with a string of L's.
6/15/09 2:53 PM
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Did Chuck Liddell get KTFO by a 900 year old dinosaur?
6/15/09 2:56 PM
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dw remains as classy as ever....
6/15/09 2:57 PM
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Damn, everybody is raining down on Tim
6/15/09 2:57 PM
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LMAO @ all you fools getting mad cause DW is "mean" and "rude". LOL, so if it was YOUR call, what would YOU do with Tim Sylvia?

Sureeee, let a guy back into your promotion that just got knocked out by Ray Mercer. You ppl can be so ridiculous sometimes..

TTT for DW being a MEANY! :(
6/15/09 2:58 PM
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who gives a fk, Dana always treated him like sht because he has a sloppy body.

when is someone with half a brain going to come along, create a rival organization, owned and operated by fighters and send Dana back to cardio box

he's done nothing positive for the fighters, more fans but the fighters arent paid accordingly and he treats them like crap