UnderGround Forums Did Chael get married over the weekend?

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His fiancé (or wife rather as it would seem) Brittany posted this on her twitter yesterday.

Yeah yeah also I know the rules..

Phone Post 3.0

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Yup. Congrats to the bad guy. Phone Post
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In B4 UG News "Chael married last month" thread in August.
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Shale wins again.
7/1/13 12:30 PM
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Col Angus - Shale wins again.

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yep.. got married the minute he and his mom got back from Vegas this weekend...

Here's a copy paste from Claudia.....

Claudia Sonnen
Well, I have had a busy week! It all started on Monday when I was asked to take Chael to the airport. He was to work that week in Vegas M. C. ing (is that a word?) the Hooters Swim Suit Pageant. I picked him up at his home, and since I hate to drive when he is in the car..(he is a horrible back seat driver) I flipped him the keys and we took off. When we got to the airport, he pulled into the long term parking. I said "why are you parking? I am just dropping you off." He informed me I was being kidnapped and going to Vegas for the week. Now mind you, I have nothing except the clothes on my back!! But I am always up for an adventure so off we go. I had the best of time and a week of memories to share.
I got home on Fri. and was looking forward to Brittany and Chael's engagement party that had been scheduled for Sat. night. That is right now! TONIGHT!! we all gathered for the party (about 30 family members) and then Chael enters without Brittany, and announces that he has brought along a classmate and friend who also is a man of God and that he and Brittany are not here to celebrate their engagement, but to get married! The bride then entered, looking beautiful and radiant, and we all witnessed the union of Chael and Brittany...(they had told all of us for months that they were eloping and not having a wedding) and we all fell for that ruse. 
I am so excited to have Brittany in the family, and it warms my heart to see the love and joy in my son's eyes. I wish them all the love and happiness they can find with each other. Life is GREAT!
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Claudia Sonnen. Two powerful blood lines have joined. Winter is coming.
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Subbed...no pun intended Phone Post 3.0
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Grats to the Man of Steel Chael P.

7/1/13 12:50 PM
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she hot

7/1/13 12:54 PM
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what happened to that asian chick he used to date

7/1/13 12:55 PM
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In Limbo - 

what happened to that asian chick he used to date

Looks like she made the worst mistake of her life and will die a crestfallen old woman wringing her hands over missed opportunities
7/1/13 12:57 PM
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Lucky woman. Phone Post
7/1/13 12:58 PM
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Congrats to the newlyweds! That is one lucky lady ;)

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Chael even trolls his family, awesome Phone Post 3.0
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Congrats the the American gangsta!!! Phone Post 3.0
7/1/13 2:03 PM
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DarkhorseRising - Chael even trolls his family, awesome Phone Post 3.0
Haha. I was thinking this while I read the story. Phone Post 3.0
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Awesome post. Thanks Rick. Phone Post 3.0
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Chael keeps winning.
7/1/13 2:41 PM
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Good for him! Phone Post 3.0
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Congrats to the Gangster of West Lynn Oregon.
7/1/13 3:12 PM
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West Linn* Phone Post
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Pitbull3744 - 
DarkhorseRising - Chael even trolls his family, awesome Phone Post 3.0
Haha I was about to write how did Chael troll this chick. UG minds all think alike Phone Post 3.0

Met here at the local fights... borrowed her phone, called himself, then texted her back later with a message

you shouldnt loan your phone to strangers

the rest is history

True story

7/1/13 3:28 PM
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I want to be Chael.
7/1/13 3:28 PM
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Beautiful. I hope they are happy for a long time.