UnderGround Forums Does Sonnen have a chance to win the belt ?

4/25/13 4:51 AM
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Does Chael Sonnen have a chance to beat the UFC Lightheavyweight Champion Jon Jones?

Chael sonnen is under no circumstances a bad fighter but he is not going to take that belt on Saturday. When he isn’t rehashing old wrestling promos or taking over at Fox, the man trains like a machine. But sadly training hard alone won’t get you gold.

After watching the last TUF season we saw a lovable and inspiring man behind the mask he puts on to sell the PPV. But we also got to see a man who despite knowing his biggest weakness was unable to overcome it (legal testosterone injections ring a bell?).
Chael Sonnen does not believe in himself. His therapist won’t change this, his legally prescribed testosterone injections won’t change it and neither will promising your father that you will one day become the champion. All that promise does, is putting additional pressure on a heart that wasn’t pumping hard enough to begin with.

I am not a champion and I can’t imagine what must go through the mind of a fighter in the moment of adversity. I can guess and analyze it all day but in the end it all comes down to one question, will he overcome it?

All current champions have overcome adversity to keep their gold. We all know and have seen what happens if you don’t.
Anderson never gave up after having an almost sure loss on the scorecards yet Sonnen couldn’t. Jon Jones almost got his arm broken against Vitor but he overcame it and went on to submit Belfort. Bones showed in his last fight that he is not another Lyoto Machida, who can dish it out but loses his shit the moment things don’t go his way. It doesn’t matter how many rounds Chael can steal from the Champ, one elbow could end this fight.

Jon Jones won’t give up until the last the second of the 5th round (especially not after watching the first Anderson-Sonnen Fight) something we can’t say about Sonnen. Jon Jones may show certain characteristics of a unlikable man and he has an army of haters who seem unable to grasp the fact that perhaps a man who slices his opponents open with his elbows must not be a model citizen (Neither is Chael by the way).

So who is buying the Sonnen cool Aid?
The man himself doesn’t, so why should you?
4/25/13 4:56 AM
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No Phone Post
4/25/13 4:59 AM
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Didntreadlol.gif Phone Post
4/25/13 5:04 AM
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Yeah sorry didnt read past the title. But No. Phone Post
4/25/13 5:09 AM
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It is a possible - Lyoto
4/25/13 5:20 AM
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Gary Coleman doesn't have a chance at winning the belt. Sonnen is in a title fight for the belt, so of course he has a chance. Admittedly a slim-to-non chance, but a chance non the less. Phone Post 3.0
4/25/13 5:34 AM
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recycled wrestling promos are boring.. he's got .0001% chance of winning. I'd love to see Jones lose but I suppose not to Chael.
4/25/13 6:23 AM
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Jo'donnell-Davies - 

i think hes got a fairly good chance if he can take jones down and control him gnp him and not leave his armson jones chest. thats the only way i see chael winning. jones is too versatile for him imo. its gunna be a war tho, cant wait for it

the question with Chael is, will he look for a way out when he can't get the takedown ?

it didn't took long for him to do so in his last fight and even if he gets his opponents down, it doesn't seem like he does a whole lot of damage. He cannot put too much room between him and the guy on the bottom to create the necessary power for his punches without risking top position.

It would be interesting to see how jon handles being on the back but quite frankly i doubt it will even happen and if not for long
4/25/13 1:58 PM
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Remember that fight tournament in the movie Red Belt where guys would tie their arm behind their back and have to have a mixed martial arts fight? Well, if Jon Jones had his arm tied behind his back fighting Chael Sonnen in an MMA fight, he'd still win.

4/25/13 2:04 PM
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Hahaha it's a fight. Say he has no chance all you want. But yes, he does. Phone Post 3.0
4/25/13 2:47 PM
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Did Serra have a chance to beat GSP?
4/25/13 3:29 PM
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Didn't read but NO. Phone Post 3.0
4/25/13 3:44 PM
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Anybody's got a chance. Hell, I've got a chance. I can picture it now.Jones enters the ring. Drops into his crab creep. Round starts. His heel gets stuck in the cage. I come charging across the ring like a juiced up brontosaurus. Just before i get within his range, I leap into the air, doing a triple sowcow muay thai like move, all while Jones's eyes are wide with disbelief and fear, and place an elbow to his face. His corner throws in the towel. And I win.
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