UnderGround Forums Dong Hyun Kim should get the title shot!

3/16/14 2:38 AM
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Here me out. UFC 174 is going to be in Canada in 3 months, but after the beating Hendrix took, he'll be lucky if a doctor would even allow him to fight in 90 days.

Woodley, could be the best in the world, but because of the fight incident, he won't have a lot of believers now, through no fault of his own.

I though Lombard looked amazing, but Joe Rogan basically poured water on an type of hype he could have had by saying he was doing minimal work against a guy who has a chainsaw for a guard. BTW, has ANYONE ever taken Jake shields down like that before? Anyhow, Lombard just won the biggest fight of his career against an impressive opponent and I think his stock will actually go DOWN! lol. can't put him in against the title contender yet.

A rematch against Robbie Lawler isn't out of the question. I hate seeing rematches unless their are a few fights in between which express why things will be different next time around.

And than there is "The DOng!" Coming off an impressive victory over Jon Hathaway.....that no one saw. Fine whatever, promote the hell out of the spinning elbow knockout so everyone forgets how sloppy his striking is. This will be a showcase for Hendricks. People get to see how much better he is than the guys on the bottom of the top 10. Robbie gets some time to heal up and maybe starch another opponent before he gets his rematch. Rory,Woodley and Lombard have another opportunity to build hype while Condit can heal (see you next year buddy! )

Maybe Rory against Lombard for #1 contender spot. :)

I understand Kim is no where near top 10, but if you haven't noticed by now, I want a showcase fight. Its a lot more entertaining than a lot of really talented guys going against other talented guys and stalemating it out.

Also, we get team Asia involved. As you can clearly see from the Macau card, asians will support other asians no matter what the nationality is. Cung Le, Kawajiri, Nam Pham, what's the difference? Get dat Asian market.

Who else wants to see more Dong?
3/16/14 2:53 AM
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lmao maybe 10 people would watch hes nowhere near a title shot
3/16/14 2:55 AM
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He's arguable top 10, and i think there are 10-15 guys in the UFC WW division that would beat him.
3/16/14 3:20 AM
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MacDonald probably gets the shot.

Kim vs. Woodley for the next title shot.
3/16/14 3:23 AM
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stun gun and brown rematch. Phone Post
3/17/14 6:34 AM
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Even Joe Rogan agrees that Dong should be somewhere in the mix. ;)
3/17/14 8:50 AM
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UFC does not want the Dong in there. No drawing power. Now that there is title talk, they'll give him a terrible match up to end those talks.
3/17/14 10:35 AM
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Dong vs Rory for #1 contender fight Phone Post 3.0
3/17/14 11:11 AM
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Winston Wolf - lmao maybe 10 people would watch hes nowhere near a title shot
He's on a much better run than Rory or Twood. Phone Post 3.0
3/17/14 11:32 AM
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Woodley - title fight
MacDonold vs Brown #1 contender
Lombard vs Kim