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Muslim Salihov is a Dagestan (a district of Russia known for producing many of the best fighters) Sanda champion, K1 champion and now seeking an MMA championship.

One of the most exciting stand up fighters i have witnessed. Training at Phuket Top Team working his bjj, wrestling and sparring with team fighters from Bellator, One fc, Road Fc and more.

Muslim says he enjoys watching Cung Le and knows if given all the chances he can achieve in MMA what he has done already in Sanda.

One thing for sure this guy is one hell of an exciting fighter.

3/4/13 9:49 AM
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K-1 Champion?

Seeing as you live in Thailand, do you feel the influx of Russians in the last few years is ruining it?
3/4/13 10:42 AM
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K1 champion in China - under K1 rules (not the promotion known as K1)

Living in Thailand 5+ years i have not seen it being ruined by an influx of Russians.

Most people that watch Bellator will tell you they find the Russian fighters some of the most exciting in the promotion.

We have had Rasul Mirzaev 5-0, Muslim Salihov (M-1 Global), Murad Machaev (Bellator) 11-1,

Ali Bagautinov 10-2 and many more top Russians come through.

I love there outlook on training and i enjoy having these guys train with us and join the team.


3/4/13 11:00 AM
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Dagestan is not outside of Russia . It's a part if Russian federation Phone Post
3/4/13 11:14 AM
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Of* Phone Post
3/4/13 11:18 AM
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I go to Thailand a lot and in the last couple of years have noticed a major influx of Russians, who make no effort to interact with anyone who isn't Russian, start their own businesses fucking over the locals and even now have street signs in Russian all over the place. From what I could gather the Thais are not loving the Russians whatsoever.
3/4/13 11:22 AM
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Dagestan is the badass part of Russia. Considering how badass Russia is already, thats badassesness squared.
3/4/13 11:31 AM
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Nice HL. When is he fighting next?

Also, Ali Bagautinov definitely needs to be signed somewhere

3/4/13 12:02 PM
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Why the hell Dagestan is outside of Russia OP? Is this what your Dagestani friends tell you?
3/4/13 12:55 PM
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cung le is his perfect opponent

3/4/13 12:58 PM
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caposa - 

Nice HL. When is he fighting next?

Also, Ali Bagautinov definitely needs to be signed somewhere

Not sure of opponent but he is due to fight on the next M-1 global card.

Ali is still fighting for Fight Nights but is rumoured to be in talks with Bellator for a flyweight fight.

I hope bellator takes up a flyweight division.

4/11/13 7:03 AM
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Muslim Salihov's MMA debut fight 

In M-1 Global Challenge 38.

0-0 Salihov took on 8-1 Topalski

Also worth a note.... i personally like the octagon shaped ring with bottom cage setup.

What do you guys think?

4/11/13 8:05 AM
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He was not that exciting on Tuesday. New ring was broken by Kenny Garner. Before that fighters kept falling over between the ropes above the cage. All and all, the event was good but spoit by shitty ass hometown judging and troubles with rage (name of the new ring)