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2/15/13 8:11 AM
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From my thread "The most courageous effort EVER in clear defeat!" http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&forum=1&thread=2131380&page=5

After thought I decided this post needed it's own thread. Many posters realize how much I admire bravery even over victory.

HYPEorDIE - "CroCop vs Barry
Watch it again after reading this!

Came in the most confident ever
You're a man, I'm a man
U can go down just like anybody else
I can win this

Around minuet 3 I drop him for the second time.
My hand explodes (breaks)
I kinda panic
I also notice he didn't fall all the way down.
He dropped to his ass and right back up
OHSHIT, that punch didn't kill you?
But fuckit, don't need that hand.
30 sec later I throw a right high kick
Top of my foot hits his elbow and BREAKS!
Fuckin really!!!!!! (SERIOUS PANIC)
Uhhh, move around, be cool, pokerface!
Throw hardest left LOWKICK possible.
He blocks it- FUCKINSHIT PANIC!!!

I went from extremely confident in myself, he's just a man,
I ain't supposed to be here man
He's gonna fuckin kick me in the neck and kill me.
I've seen all his highlight videos.
Damn he smells nice!

3 min into round 1
Broken right hand
Broken right foot
Damaged left shin
But I still got up off the bench.
Fought him for 12 minutes with 1 hand!!!
And still he had to take me down and submit me.


2/15/13 8:24 AM
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I think his Cro-Cop fight was the second or third fight I had ever seen him in. I liked him from day one. You know how sometimes you just really warm to a fighter and look forward to seeing them fight no matter who they are fighting? Pat Barry is one of those guys for me. Seems like a really nice bloke too.
2/15/13 8:33 AM
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Sidebar. I just think this quote below is another golden nugget for those who view the thread.

Lazer MMA - I posted the quote below in the the the thread "MOST BADASS Quotes in MMA"

"Hey, I can't see anything, point me in the right direction man. Tell me what to do, really because I can't see. Dehydration hit. Everything blacked out. So it's up to you guys now. Tell me what should I do. I'm a soldier.” - Royce

johnonguitar7 - This was from the fight after the Kimo match. UFC 3. Royce got into the cage to fight If Your Coming On... And couldn't see, this is what he said to his corner who then pulled him out.

2/15/13 8:43 AM
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I take back every sore loser betting on Pat post I made talking about how he was starstruck.

2/15/13 8:50 AM
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Everyone loves Pat Barry.


2/15/13 9:01 AM
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Great post Phone Post
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ERrry Body


2/15/13 10:04 AM
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The Mammoth -

Everyone loves Pat Barry.


This X100

Somebody post the vid of him and Cro cop
Singing in the car. One of my favourite vids ever! Phone Post
2/15/13 10:12 AM
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He's definitely a fun fighter to watch, and a great character in the sport. I hope he puts together a string of wins... he's a guy I can't help but root for. Phone Post
2/15/13 11:25 AM
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2/15/13 12:12 PM
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I just lmao at "Damn he smells nice"
2/15/13 12:14 PM
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Hahahahaha! I would totally cross swords with Barry. No homo. Phone Post
2/15/13 12:19 PM
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ausgepicht -  Hahahahaha! I would totally cross swords with Barry. No homo. Phone Post

2/15/13 12:22 PM
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Alger Hiss - I just lmao at "Damn he smells nice"
My thoughts exactly! Phone Post
2/15/13 12:28 PM
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If there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that every time Pat Barry fights...it'll be an awesome fight. Phone Post
2/15/13 12:31 PM
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big_roy_fan - i don't love pat barry. i think he acts like a buffoon and none of his outside of the cage antics are funny.. and what is the deal with the mustard?

I would never VTFD someone for saying this about any fighter...other than HD!

V'ed TFD

2/15/13 12:32 PM
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that was a weird fight.  crocop seemed out of his element due to his personal fondness for barry.  

2/15/13 12:48 PM
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I just wonder why he never jumped on Mirko after he was dropped - twice.

that submission was just... Ugly. But reading how much shit went down with HD, it all makes more sense, he was fighting just on pure warrior spirit. Good post, VTFU.
2/15/13 1:10 PM
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2/15/13 1:22 PM
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Pat Berry is awesome, talented and fun to watch. Don't know how anyone could hate on him.

That said I have always though he should try out LHW. He is a very small HW and I don't want to see him take anymore KO damage
2/15/13 1:29 PM
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just because

2/15/13 1:37 PM
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RobinVanRooney - 
Neil McCauley - just because


11 mins late brah :P

I guess every once in a while I should try reading the threads before I post in them :p