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12/24/12 3:18 PM
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Does he have anything else lined up? Phone Post
12/24/12 3:19 PM
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Holiday troll??

You got me! Jajajajaja Phone Post
12/24/12 3:21 PM
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sockeye - Holiday troll??

You got me! Jajajajaja Phone Post
Lol Phone Post
12/24/12 3:23 PM
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What ever happened to that guy?

12/24/12 3:28 PM
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Herring In A Fur Coat -

What ever happened to that guy?

. Phone Post
12/24/12 3:34 PM
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12/24/12 5:20 PM
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Hands up, Tommy! Phone Post
12/24/12 5:27 PM
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He's has a serious complex and nothing is working. Word is he has some sort of OCD that makes him stare in the mirror nearly 24 hours a day. It's really sad. You should see the current pics of this guy.
12/24/12 6:40 PM
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Kostakio -  Does he have anything else lined up? Phone Post


12/24/12 6:57 PM
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Hong Kong Phooey -
Kostakio -  Does he have anything else lined up? Phone Post


wat Phone Post
12/24/12 10:01 PM
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Just watched the movie last night. Pretty good flick. Phone Post
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I was working with the Director of the film (Mask had sent him to me and I couldn't really use UFC guys as they had to shoot for months) and got Erik the part.  I thought he did really well.




12/25/12 2:37 PM
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Thanks for the update, Reed. Phone Post
12/25/12 4:19 PM
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Eric has worked for espn during xgames

We were scheduled to fight couple times
Years ago. I had to pull out, dissapointing he had developed a good name and record at time

Nice guy few times I met him

Lives a fun life traveling, training, always seen him with smokin hot chick Phone Post
12/25/12 5:48 PM
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I caught about 15 minutes of the movie and thought it was pretty good. Gonna find it and see if its good end to end. Phone Post
12/25/12 11:40 PM
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The ref in the first cage scene is UFC ref Rick ficke, who reffed a bunch of my fights & is a good friend. He's a stunt director for a bunch of major films, and even got me a part in the Avengers.
1/8/13 9:42 PM
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Nice. Phone Post
1/8/13 11:41 PM
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Remember when he beat up bobsappfan?
1/9/13 12:15 PM
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According to IMDb it doesn't appear he does, but I finally saw Warrior and I was extremely impressed with the story line and acting in that movie.  Not to mention Nick Nolte is one of my all time favorites.  Tom Hardy and Joel Edgarton were fucking great.