UnderGround Forums Ever notice that Burt Watson has the UFC shirts..

11/17/12 10:18 PM
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that you never see ever. How comes they don't sell these. I always see him at weigh-ins with a new shirt that I never see in the stores or anything. He has the best looking shirts. Were can I get them?
11/17/12 10:35 PM
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Burt makes them himself. Phone Post
11/17/12 10:43 PM
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Dana white is Burt's bitch ? Was that him or Tito ? Phone Post
11/17/12 10:43 PM
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Tito and Burt? I thought someone said Tito was in Australia.
Watch ever weigh-in and Burt has a shirt that is brand new.
11/17/12 10:47 PM
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Oh, I see Burt and Tito have the same person making there shirts, but that means that Burt would need Dana's permission to use the likes.