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12/22/13 7:03 PM
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Brandon Vera was supposed to fight Tim Sylvia back in the day for the UFC HW Championship but due to manager issues he had a long contract negotiation. Back then, Vera was the young guy destroying everyone in his way but when he came back he was never the same. Randy Couture went on to fight Tim Sylvia who was suffering from a bad back and Couture dominated him to a 5 round victory. When Vera returned he fought a Tim Sylvia who had back surgery and lost to him. Vera's golden opportunity of winning the HW championship was fighting a hurt Sylvia but due to those contract issues he missed out.

Pat Healy is another fighter who lost a big opportunity to make money and move up the ranks after being caught with marijuana in his system. I agree it was bullshit though but Healy knew the rules and did a boneheaded decision. Now Healy is 0-3 in the UFC.
12/22/13 7:08 PM
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Fedor imo


He could have fought in the UFC and made big bucks and either cemented his place as GOAT or lost it.

12/22/13 7:10 PM
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Fedor didn't need the UFC, the UFC didn't need Fedor. Nothing missed. Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:11 PM
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Lee Murray.

12/22/13 7:15 PM
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Junie Browning

12/22/13 7:16 PM
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Diaz Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:18 PM
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Any of these TUF guys who missed weight in the house Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:18 PM
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Uriah hall. Not completely, but steadily working on it. Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:20 PM
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Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:20 PM
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Diego Sanchez should have fought GSP for the title at UFC 69. Instead, Serra got the shot due to the TUF deal. Diego ended up fighting Koscheck instead and lost in one of the most boring fights ever. Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:22 PM
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12/22/13 7:24 PM
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I agree with Vera. Dude missed a golden opportunity. Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:24 PM
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Paul Daley. The guy fought Koscheck for a place on TUF/title shot against GSP. Even after losing that a couple of more wins an he would have been back in the mix. Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:25 PM
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Kenny Florian blew his load in every title fight... Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:30 PM
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Benavidez..... Please prove me wrong.

Dana has talked about how the Cruz / Faber rubber match was going to be Dominick's meal ticket as it was to be Anderson/Chael 2 card

Rampage without dedication was still top 10 for a long time, wonder what he would have done with fire Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:30 PM
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Clay Guida
This man defines the someone who loses the "big" fight
12/22/13 7:30 PM
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Travis lutter coming in overweight for his Anderson fight. Had Silva in trouble and gassed Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:34 PM
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Paul Daley, Karo Parisyan, Matt Riddle, Jesse Taylor, Jason
Miller, Tyson Griffin, Rousimar Palhares, Dean Lister, Keith Jardine, Drew Mcfedries, Sean McCorkle, and the list goes on.
12/22/13 7:37 PM
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Joe Riggs missing weight against Hughes. Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:37 PM
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However, these men are still brut warriors and capable of making a bad night for anybody in the game so hopefully no disrespect taken.
12/22/13 7:44 PM
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Josh Barnett Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:52 PM
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Lee Murray had the world at his feet, he got stabbed and almost died,in fact he did and doctors brought him back to life. Six weeks later he was training again for the UFC...

Then he goes and pulls off one of the biggest robberies there has been in the Uk and flees to parts unknown and most of you know the rest of the story.

This guy was a killer, he had dynamite in his fists and so much potential you just have to hear his streetfight stories the guy was scared of nobody. Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 7:53 PM
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Recently I would have to say Maia. Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 8:11 PM
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This is a fucking depressing thread Phone Post 3.0
12/22/13 8:27 PM
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Bisping has been put in many situations to get a title shot and has come short in all of them. Phone Post 3.0