UnderGround Forums Fights that never happened - Results?

1/22/13 11:48 AM
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Reading up on some fight history got me thinking about epic fights that could have been, but for whatever reasons didn't happen.

Of course there's no way we'd ever know, but just out of curiosity, how do you think the following would have went down: (result, round etc.)

Wand vs Liddell Pride GP (without Rampage beating Chack)

Saku vs Wand 4 (was cancelled due to injury if I recall correctly, Saku said in his autobiography that he was scheduled to fight him again, would he have figured him out finally?)

Fedor vs Couture - we all know the deal behind this one, but how would it have went? Also, back in 2000, they could have met in Rings, but injury/elimination prevented it, another interesting fight.

Sak vs Rickson - The ultimate imo

Wand vs Couture - there is a pic online of them having a staredown in the Octagon, it almost happened, look it up!

Frank vs Ken - who knows? Maybe one day

Now lets get a little bit more obscure:

Penn vs Arlovski - when Penn came back to the UFC after his spell away, he wanted Arlovski (no shit) - that would have been nuts!

Crocop vs Couture (had he beaten Gonzaga, who was given the shitle tot)

Todd Keuneke vs anyone that is not his girlfriend

and finally

Rogan vs Snipes!

Feel free to add others that could have been, but never were.
1/23/13 11:39 PM
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My picks:

Wanderlei wins in Pride: decision after a brutal war.

Wand beats Sak again via ko after a close submission attempt by Sak

Fedor beats Couture by sub in 2000, beats him again via tko in Affliction, ground and pound.

Sak beats Rickson via decision - if it was a similar rule set to the Royce match, Sak via doctor stoppage, I can't see Rickson giving up.

Wand TKO's Couture: knees to the body, drops him and pounds him out

Penn vs Arlovski - could go one of two ways - Penn blasts Arlovski early for the ko/tko, or Arlovski outmuscles him for a decision win. I wonder what weight they would have fought at!

Crocop tko's Randy, liver kick.

Keuneke beats nobody

Rogan beats snipes by sub - spinning back kick, Snipes crumbles, Rogan sinks in the hooks and gets the rear naked.
1/29/13 3:00 AM
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Was it something I said?

I can't believe nobody talks about BJ Penn vs Arlovski... that's who he wanted to fight when he came back!