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10/12/12 11:23 PM
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Fitch: I'm looking for FOTN bonus


"Honestly it has to be," Fitch told Bleacher Report in regard to the next chapter of his career. "If this fight doesn't go the way I need it to, I'm kind of at a loss of what to do next. Losing fights is not paying the bills. It is not really an option for me to go out there and not perform well or not put on a good show. I'm really looking for the 'Fight of the Night' bonus. That is something which is really going to put some distance between me and financial problems.

"Fans are going to see a man who is highly motivated and a man who is driven to perform well. They are going to see a man who has to perform well, not just for himself, but for his family and career."

"My intention is to drop him into deep water," Fitch said. "He's a prospect, very explosive, with a lot of ability, but he hasn't been tested. In his career leading up to the UFC, he wasn't really tested. That can mislead a lot of people and the fighters themselves because fast knockouts or fast finishes over opponents who get finished and knocked out often could build a false sense of confidence."

"I think that concept is a little bit lost in MMA today," Fitch said. "On top of that, I believe I receive unfair criticism. If you look at the guys I've fought and the fighters I've been matched up against, they are not people who get finished often or ever. I think that is lost on a lot of people. Take a guy like Mike Pierce who has never been finished. A guy like Akihiro Gono, who at the time I fought him, had been finished four times in a 15-year career. He's fought guys like Dan Henderson. He's fought multiple times against opponents several weight classes past his size. The list goes on with a lot of the guys I've fought.

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10/12/12 11:26 PM
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Damn it, Fitch.

Just focus on winning, ok?

10/12/12 11:28 PM
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If you're focused on that, Silva will prob get KO of the night. Phone Post
10/12/12 11:32 PM
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Fitch you realize your going to have to stop being mr nice and respectful guy and get out there and beat ass right? Can you be mean tomorrow?
10/12/12 11:33 PM
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he will be about of the ko of the night Phone Post
10/12/12 11:34 PM
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on one hand he said for years that he was oblivious to what people were saying. now for the last year he's saying "fans don't get it". but he's still the problem.

mma is sport intended to entertain. if you're not entertaining, you don't get paid the big bucks.
10/12/12 11:38 PM
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I am not a fan of Fitch the "fighter", but what has silva done to receive all of the hype? If he destroys Fitch then I'm on board, but not yet... Phone Post
10/12/12 11:53 PM
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Fitch could be in the only fight on the card and he still wouldn't put on a performance worthy of a FOTN bonus. Much like when Dana decided Mir didn't deserve any bonus for his KO of Mirko.
10/13/12 12:01 AM
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easedel - blue help


10/13/12 12:03 AM
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Is he checking the dressing room lockers of all the other fighters?

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10/13/12 12:25 AM
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Lay n pray of the night? Phone Post
10/13/12 12:29 AM
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Aww. I was going to type "They planning on giving out bonuses for Lay n' Pray of the night?" but saw the above response when I went to type it. :P
10/13/12 12:34 AM
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I hope he does well. Yes he puts on some boring fights but he's a good guy and I would love to see him do well and get an exciting victory.
10/13/12 12:40 AM
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"Now that I'm broke I have to fight!"
10/13/12 12:44 AM
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Lol and I'm looking for a free Bugatti, ain't gonna happen.

10/13/12 12:52 AM
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Glovegate -


Fuck I age more in 3 years than he does in 20! Phone Post
10/13/12 1:10 AM
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His opponent will get KO of the Night... which is the closest thing to a bonus Fitch will ever be a part of.

10/13/12 1:14 AM
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So now he wants to be a fighter... Phone Post
10/13/12 1:33 AM
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In other Fitch news...


Will be joining Dan Hardy on his next halucinogenic escapade (acid/e @Nottingham underground dance party)


Thinking of making a run in K1


Considering a superfight with AS


Changing nickname to "AIDS Quilt"

10/13/12 2:06 AM
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Fitch should go to a sports phycologist or something so he can enter beast mode Phone Post
10/13/12 2:17 AM
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Yeah and I want to find gold at the end of the rainbow but that aint happening either.

Fitch and sheilds should fight at a catch weight.

Has anyone ever asked one of these guys to sign a blanket. That would be gold Phone Post
10/13/12 3:00 AM
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He's doing this for the money now?? Because he bought a second home thinking he was gonna get the win bonus in his last fight. I like the guy and all but who buys a home on 50/50 chance you'll have the money? Phone Post
10/13/12 3:21 AM
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Forrest Spliffn -  Yeah and I want to find gold at the end of the rainbow but that aint happening either.

Fitch and sheilds should fight at a catch weight.

Has anyone ever asked one of these guys to sign a blanket. That would be gold Phone Post

That would be an awesome fight because i would know i could go drop a deuce without missing anything.

btw here's a link of them in a bjj tournament. enjoy!