UnderGround Forums Franklin might retire,But would fight Bisping

5/5/13 7:55 PM
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5/5/13 8:00 PM
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bisping has been saying he wants to fight twice in next  6 months, ug thoughts on if he should fight franklin?

5/5/13 8:03 PM
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Umm...fuck yeah? Phone Post 3.0
5/5/13 8:08 PM
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I like this fight. Who takes it?! Phone Post
5/5/13 8:11 PM
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SlipSlap - I like this fight. Who takes it?! Phone Post
Franklin has KO power. Phone Post 3.0
5/5/13 8:12 PM
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Would like to see these two fight in a five rounder... but the fight makes little sense for Bisping.
5/5/13 8:15 PM
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Malvert the Janitor - Umm...fuck yeah? Phone Post 3.0

Everyone and their mother calls out bisping,  not sure who i want to see bisping fight first, top 5,franklin or cung le.

thinking about it now, it bisping wants 2 fights next 6 months, would be happy with franklin or cung then top 5 if he wins.

5/5/13 9:16 PM
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Is Franklin willing to fight at 185? I don't see Bisping agreeing to fight at a higher weight. Would be a great match-up, though. I think Rich gets the TKO.
5/5/13 9:22 PM
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Franklin is still one of my top 5 favorite fighters I like this fight.he has ko power maybee we could see a carbon copy of hendos ko of bisping. Phone Post
5/5/13 9:22 PM
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I wish it would've happened sooner but I like it a lot Phone Post 3.0
5/5/13 10:04 PM
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From the UFC's perspective, this makes no sense. Phone Post 3.0
5/5/13 10:07 PM
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Franklin will bear witness to Bing's jab-n-jog fitness.  Lot of bouncing.  Then a UD. 



5/5/13 10:09 PM
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Awesome fight. I take Franklin all day in this one, though I'm a huge fan of both. Rich was one of the first fighters I became a big fan of, so I'd love to see him go out finishing a top fighter like Bisping.

5/5/13 10:10 PM
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I rather see Okami bisping Phone Post 3.0
5/5/13 10:18 PM
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Good fight.
5/5/13 10:27 PM
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you would rather see okami bisping?? do you love sleep? franklin all day in this and i hope it happens. fuck rankings Phone Post
5/5/13 10:43 PM
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savage043 - I rather see Okami bisping Phone Post 3.0
Me too. Based on the rankings at MW, this is the fight that makes the most sense. Phone Post 3.0
5/5/13 11:28 PM
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I hope the remainder of his fights happen at 195 so he can forever cement the title of Franklinweight. Phone Post 3.0
5/6/13 12:11 AM
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Franklinqeweight is cemented. Rich has the technical skills to negatiate mikes jab jab n run style. I don't see mike taking this fight but i see rich getting whatever he wants. It will happen Phone Post
5/6/13 12:14 AM
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Bipolar - Is Franklin willing to fight at 185? I don't see Bisping agreeing to fight at a higher weight. Would be a great match-up, though. I think Rich gets the TKO.
Franklins last fight was at 185, he recwntly revealed that he was only fighting at 205 because ufc wanted him to (didnt want him knocking off 185 contenders) Phone Post
5/6/13 12:28 AM
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Either option puts CRE on suicide watch.

5/6/13 2:10 AM
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I met Rich Franklin and Renzo Gracie in Singapore the other night, whilst tripping on acid.
5/6/13 6:08 AM
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Give Bisping Okami first and if he loses then give him Franklin!

If he faced Franklin now and lost it would majorly fuck up the rankings. Phone Post 3.0
5/6/13 6:30 AM
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I think there's a lot of value in this fight for bisping, franklin is the former 185 champ and has notable wins at 205, hes still a very solid fighter and a win over him means something. It would either be franklin by KO or bisping by UD, I would lean towards the latter. Phone Post 3.0
5/6/13 6:33 AM
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Franklin is a horrendous matchup for Bisping.

He is a better technical striker, with KO power and wouldn't be in any danger on the ground or standing.