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4/24/13 11:09 PM
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Garcia: Christianity made me a better fighter


Leonard Garcia is currently on the worst skid in his career, a four fight losing streak, albeit the last three by decision. Garcia is known as a fighter who puts it all in the cage and has often been involved in some of the best fights and most memorable fights in MMA. But staying in the UFC eventually has to be about winning, not just entertaining and Garcia knows that. What is the biggest change he's made that he think will contribute to turning his career around? His turn to Christianity:

Brian Hemminger (MMAmania.com): Focusing on the fundamentals is something people were calling for you to do for a pretty long time. Was that just a case o fyou being stubborn? Why didn't you do it earlier?

Leonard Garcia: You hit the nail on the head. One of the big changes for me lately was I turned to Christianity for the last 10 months. I found my inner peace. I'm a lot calmer and I'm a lot better guy to be around. It made me listen to what the coaches were saying to me and not just hear it in one ear and out the other. That's one thing that has helped me do. I've been listening a lot more and it's made me hungrier as a fighter and made me a lot of a smarter fighter.

All the best fighters are great athletes, but they still have the fundamentals down pat. Georges St. Pierre beats everyone with the basics. I got back in there, wore the white belt again in grappling. I went to striking classes again instead of just waiting around for sparring to start. I started throwing combinations and I feel so much better with everything and I'm just really excited for the opportunity to showcase all the things I've been working on. Cody is a great fighter, he's got that one amazing move but unfortunately for him, he's fighting me so that's that.

read entire interview...

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lol Phone Post
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Bet $100 he still comes out and fights like a bum
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Wish him the best of luck....


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Phone Post 3.0
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ChokeEmOut - That explains why he only hits air. God doesn't want him hitting anyone. Phone Post
LOL Phone Post 3.0
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Leonard is good people! I'm happy for him
4/24/13 11:58 PM
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFxN00yRvcI Phone Post
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As opposed to the Christ crutch, he should really try to figure out what he needs to improve upon skill wise. Phone Post
4/25/13 1:50 AM
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Dude needs to try switching to Islam then or something.

He's lost his last 4. Really, it should be the last 6. He won a split decision against Nam Pham which is quite possibly the worst decision I've ever seen. Mind-blowingly bad.

In fact, he hasn't won a non-split decision victory since 2008. If you count the split decisions as losses he would be 0-11 since beating Jens Pulver back in 2008.

And the way he fights the dude is going to be worse off than Muhammad Ali when he's older.
4/25/13 2:58 AM
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Thatsjustlikeyouropionman -  Phone Post

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Thatsjustlikeyouropionman - Phone Post
Voted up for making me bust out laughing

Funny shit. Phone Post 3.0
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"And then Jesus looked at his disciples and said: 'Go forth my friends... Go forth and beat seven shades of shite out of your enemies in an octagonal-shaped cage.'"

John 3:17
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lol he saw how much it was helping Benson get gift decisions.
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Leonard is a good dude, wish him the best...

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SouthernGent - inb4 the fat, balding sexually frustrated virgins come in here and bash Christianity. oh looks like I am too late.

um.. have you been to church lately and looked around.. pot, kettle...
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It doesn't matter if he loses every fight from here on out. He won the fight that matters in the end, the eternal one! Our time on earth is short but our souls live on forever, where will you spend eternity?
4/25/13 9:44 AM
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Has Jon Jones been converting people at jackson's?

4/25/13 10:21 AM
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If it's working for him that's awesome.


Don't judge or be judged lest blessed be and all that shit.

4/25/13 10:32 AM
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Everyone goes on about Dan Hardy not getting cut, but how is Leonard Garcia still on the roster?

He has lost 4 in a row but it should be 7 in a row, as the Hominick and Zombie wins were some o the worst decisions I have ever seen. You could argue he hasn't had a legit win in 5 years, since he stopped Jens.
4/25/13 10:32 AM
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I am sure all the Fallon Fox defending liberal athiests will show up to exemplify their trademark tolerance LOL.
4/25/13 10:37 AM
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SlickPacific - I am sure all the Fallon Fox defending liberal athiests will show up to exemplify their trademark tolerance LOL.