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2/18/17 2:56 PM
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There is no way he didn't sign a non compete 

BLAF: "Goldie...your fired."




10 mins later

BLAF: "uuuuhhh...Mike...by the way, as you're packing your box up could you please do a biggie for us and sign this non-compete clause as you're going out the door so that you can't find another job?  Thanks buddy.  You're a great employee.



Yeah..."there is no way" he didn't sign a non-competition clause as he's getting the boot out the door?!?!?!  Fuck...some people are fucking stupid.


You're the idiot - they'd be in an existing contract. You don't sign them on way out unless they're tied to some extra consideration 

You mean in the contract that wasn't renewed?

This....    if his contract was not renewed, it don't matter what the blue hell was in it. 

He is only locked into a contract that both parties have signed, and compensation is being paid forwrad on.   They chose not to re-new.  He is a free agent. 

This is incorrect. The contract can be written with a non-compete that survives the life of the contract for a set amount of time allowable under law. Most non-competes are written this way. 

2/18/17 9:13 PM
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Good for Goldie! It was easy to bash him throughout the years but he was always our boy! Fuck WME

2/18/17 9:33 PM
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Goldie and Jimmy smith isn't far off from Goldie and Rogan.  While I understand Jimmy Smith is no Joe Rogan... their commentating styles are nearly identicle and im sure Jimmy will Mesh fine with Goldie. 

Virtually identical*
2/18/17 9:43 PM
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How come no other place has picked up on this lmao  u idiots  only op has said Goldie has said he's signing with b what a shitshow

2/18/17 9:44 PM
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2/18/17 9:45 PM
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Remember when you thought u were gonna get Fedor hahahahaha

2/18/17 10:16 PM
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Goldie + Russian Commentator combo for the Fedor fight, imagine that! 

Uh ogh