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9/11/13 11:03 PM
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Google Hangout w/ Dana White (Thurs. 5:30 PM)


At 2:30pm PT tomorrow, FOX Sports will produce a Google Hangout with UFC President Dana White. The Hangout, moderated by Mike Chiapetta and Gareth Davies, will cover a broad range of topics, including the current season of TUF, UFC 165, Dana’s feeling on the New England Patriots, and much more. The Hangout will conclude with a series of fan questions submitted online.

more information...

Hangoug will be available right here on the Underground in this thread approxiamately two hours before the start.


9/11/13 11:22 PM
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First? Phone Post
9/11/13 11:38 PM
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Where you at Dana?!

9/11/13 11:38 PM
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How cute Phone Post
9/11/13 11:45 PM
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Awesome Phone Post
9/11/13 11:48 PM
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"Hangoug will be available...."

9/12/13 2:09 AM
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Pfft! Can he do 15 PULL UPS yet? And what's he benching these days?



9/12/13 2:21 AM
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It's BLAF. In. Phone Post
9/12/13 3:29 AM
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Is he considering pushing Miesha a little more and Ronda a little less now that Miesha actually shown she is a mature, intelligent and humble person and Ronda keeps acting like a brat ( who suppose to epitomize the " smart independent girl"... just see a lot of insecurity there).

Not really an important question... Excuse the "rant".

I would love to know the Ufc position on image rights and steps being taken to commercialize fighters imago's. There is, unfortunately, still a bit of lack of decent sponsering out there for fighters. In soccer ( actually Football though) and the big american sports the leagues and clubs themselves market the jersies and appareal. Isnt it time for the Ufc to move into this market. It would both benefit the fighters and the company and would bring some much needed professionalism to the whole MMA related appearal business ( all the independent stuff is cool but its mot generating enough money for anybody around). Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 3:36 AM
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CindyO -

Pfft! Can he do 15 PULL UPS yet? And what's he benching these days?



Lol of cource.. Dana sans meniere disease can fly around the world doing business deals, suplex Mchmahon, shoot some cool guns with his kids, calm Ronda Roussey in tantrum mode,take nightly calls from Vitor ( thx for enriching out worls Tommie) and box Tito with one hand behind is back.

Just quit glad that the problem got fixed because the Ufc and MMA is general not ready for an less involved Dana yet. Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 4:06 AM
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I won't be able to do the hang out but I do have a question that somewhat troubles me as a diehard MMA fan and true supporter of the top promotion that's spending and sacrificing real money and reputation to make our favorite shit work:

What happens at heavyweight besides JDS / Velasquez? Heavyweight have always been the weight class that carries combat sports but yet is the thinnest division in the game, currently.

Are JDS and Cain that good, and / or should more money be spent by camps on top level, out of college athletes to groom as contenders?

In short: How does MMA, in a business sense, reinvigorate and take over the combat sport's heavyweight division that is so ripe for the taking? Minus TUF. Phone Post
9/12/13 4:48 AM
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In Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 9:10 AM
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Pitbull3744 - 

Fan questions HA as long as they are nice and proper, no controversial or real questions lol.  

Since when does Dana invite anything other than tough questions?

9/12/13 9:35 AM
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LTL - "Hangoug will be available...."

" approxiamately"

Double wut Phone Post
9/12/13 9:49 AM
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Pitbull3744 - 

Fan questions HA as long as they are nice and proper, no controversial or real questions lol.  

Not like fans own internet-breaking weapons. He has canned responses for your usuals "Shouldn't there be a union?" "Is fighter pay low?" "What do you think about the lowers numbers in FS1 when compared to previous channels" etc etc.
9/12/13 1:08 PM
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Did this get postponed? The countdown is "0"
9/12/13 3:41 PM
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do the ufc ever plan on bringing a HW or lhw title fight to the uk someday? Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 3:52 PM
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In the Queen's English, it is 'does the UFC'.

9/12/13 4:42 PM
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How long away is this. The video on YouTube shows it starts at 10:24 but its 10:40 where I am at. Pacific time. Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 5:24 PM
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uniquetechnique - Did this get postponed? The countdown is "0"

Definitely not post-poned, the baldfather joins us in 5-10 minutes.

9/12/13 5:33 PM
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9/12/13 5:39 PM
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*high fives Adam for getting the bone joke in*



9/12/13 5:44 PM
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Can i get a link? Phone Post
9/12/13 5:51 PM
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MMABaseball -  Can i get a link? Phone Post



9/12/13 6:11 PM
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LMFAO@ Hollywood DW!!!!!!!