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8/24/14 8:20 PM
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Hey UG,
I was wondering if anybody had any good suggestions for grappling tournaments that go to the New England area. I live in Providence,RI and am 0-3 in ammy MMA. All 3 fights I was taken down within the first 30 seconds and I made extremely stupid mistakes that caused me to lose the fight. Watching the videos I can point a bunch of things that I did wrong and know what I should have done. I need to strengthen my ground game and would like to test myself in multiple grappling tournaments before I fight again. I will be training at a Carlson Gracie school 2 days gi and 1 day no gi. I will also be training at a school for my stand up and no gi. Other than Naga, I don't know what other tournaments that I should be on the lookout for and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of good ones for someone to test themselves and gain valuable experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
8/24/14 8:23 PM
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How long have you been training? Phone Post 3.0
8/24/14 8:25 PM
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Good fight is awesome! Phone Post 3.0
8/24/14 8:26 PM
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on and off for 4 years but not a whole lot of legit bjj which i am going to focus on now. 5'11 240 working on dropping to 205 possibly lower Phone Post
8/24/14 8:56 PM
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Did you do the Boston Open yesterday? Phone Post 3.0
8/24/14 8:57 PM
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no. the only tournament i have competed in was Naga. got 1st no gi absolute and 2nd no gi shw. next one im going up a level for better sompetition Phone Post
8/25/14 12:20 AM
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Mat santos and Tim Burrill are in your neck of the woods? Check out all the schools in your area and pick the one that suit your objectives and learning style. Phone Post 3.0