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12/9/12 10:05 AM
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My partners along with myself are looking for a qualified black belt to work in one of my new gyms in either Texas, Arizona or California.. Work full time or part time and make between $45,000-$70,000 a year. If interested please contact my partner Joe at 1 (619) 778-5888 or email him joe@victorygyms.com thanks everyone, hi from Australia.......
12/9/12 10:24 AM
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TTT I used to train at Throwdown in SD some years back, good luck with your new gyms!
12/9/12 10:42 AM
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TTT.. Where in AZ is your gym going to be Dean? Phone Post
12/9/12 10:45 AM
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Sounds like a great opportunity. How much for a good blue belt? Lol!
12/9/12 11:45 AM
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Deanslist.org Phone Post
12/9/12 11:55 AM
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TTT Phone Post
12/9/12 12:33 PM
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Where in AZ?
12/9/12 12:44 PM
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That`s some good coin.

12/9/12 12:49 PM
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I loved your fight with Xande at Metamoris. Match of the night IMO. Hopefully you'll have a seminar in the Midwest one day.
12/12/12 6:45 AM
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Dawkins, thanks a lot, definitely would love to come out to the midwest sometime soon. my email is deanliser.net... My gym is growing and look forward to expanding the sport and people's lives when we all can. Not sure where in AZ they are opening but for sure it will be nice, please contact Joe if you want anymore info.... He is afterall the man with the master plan... thanks and talk again soon, cheers from down under, Melbourne, Australia,

12/12/12 8:27 AM
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12/12/12 8:52 AM
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TTT Phone Post
12/12/12 8:56 AM
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How about a average blue belt? Any positions that fit my skill set?
12/16/12 8:26 AM
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what would sakuraba do.... Hey bro any help is appreciated of course but I am more interested at helping you improve, come train in San Diego when you can.... \

Team renzo.... come and train as well,