UnderGround Forums Griffin doesnt want to lose to a man who wear pink

11/28/12 1:12 PM
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Y'know, the thing about Phil Davis is [that] I really don't want to get beat up by a guy in pink tights..."Mr. Wonderful" is a very unique nickname. I don't know the origin story behind it. Maybe there's a comic book that explains why he's really powerful. I don't know, I don't want to judge him.

11/28/12 6:22 PM
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2 of the biggest fighters in the division, I'm giving Davis the brute strength edge though.
11/29/12 1:17 AM
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I keep hoping that one day Forrest will say something that he intends on being comedic and it will actually be funny.
11/29/12 1:19 AM
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Could've sworn he lost to anderson already.
11/29/12 1:43 AM
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The poor guy better retire before the fight then! Phone Post
11/29/12 2:00 AM
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Book4 - I doubt Davis wants to lose to a soulless ginger so the feeling is mutual.
Since when is Forrest a ginger ....? Phone Post
11/29/12 2:03 AM
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Pretty sure he wears pink for cancer awareness.. what a dumb comment.
11/29/12 2:05 AM
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Rear Naked Chode - Could've sworn he lost to anderson already.

I don't think Anderson wears pink tights for breast cancer awareness though, he just wears pink cause his wife thinks he looks pretty.
11/29/12 4:18 AM
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If Forrest doesn't want to lose to a dude who wears pink then he better never fight Seth Petruzelli!

11/29/12 4:37 AM
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Dang, I just realized how much I dislike Forest since the last Tito fight. Lol

I'm hoping that he gets worked by Davis. Phone Post
11/29/12 4:41 AM
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Book4 - I doubt Davis wants to lose to a soulless ginger so the feeling is mutual.

you're a fucking idiot

11/29/12 10:56 AM
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I can't believe Forrest gets so much hate here. You would rather listen to generic pre-fight trash talking? I like that he doesn't take it too seriously. Phone Post
11/29/12 12:47 PM
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Just not into watching him fight anymore.
11/29/12 12:51 PM
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Mr. Wonderful was the name of his cat that ran away when he was in college. So his wrestling teammates started calling him that lol. Phone Post
11/29/12 12:52 PM
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Well then he better hope Phil wears trunks of a different color then Phone Post
11/29/12 10:20 PM
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C'mon, who doesn't know that Phil is named after Paul Orndorf?