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Dana said post-fight:
"If I was him, I'd want to get another fight in before taking on Jon Jones. He could fight again. I'm hearing Dan Henderson's knee isn't better, so maybe Gustafsson should fight Machida next"

What do you guys think about this match up? Who has the advantage on the feet and why?
Can Gustafsson take Machida down at will like he did with Shogun?

12/9/12 2:04 PM
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Gustafsson's response "I want to stay active, and I want to fight. I'll fight whenever. I was away for a long time. The last time I fought was in April, and that was too long. To wait till summer again, that would be too long. I want to fight for the belt, and if they give me one before that, it doesn't matter. I'll fight whoever the UFC gives me"
12/9/12 3:45 PM
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That's a good fight. Phone Post
12/9/12 4:35 PM
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Very difficult fight to predict. Might be a bit of a fencing match. If gustamante can land that uppercut and not get the death of 1000 kicks, he could hurt machida Phone Post
12/9/12 4:40 PM
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Holy shit, this match up sounds amazing. Far more amazing than Hendo-Machida, but I'm biased on that, with me being a Hendo fan more than a Machida fan. Phone Post
12/9/12 6:09 PM
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Gus has a great attitude Phone Post
12/9/12 6:14 PM
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Gus is awesome Phone Post
12/9/12 6:16 PM
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FedorEmilioEstevez - Gus has a great attitude Phone Post
This Phone Post
12/9/12 6:21 PM
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RIP Gustaffason Phone Post
12/10/12 12:56 AM
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JakodaRay - Hendo posted on Twitter saying that Dana is full of shit and that his knee is great.

Well just a week or so Hendo said that he still can't train 100% so the knee is obviously not "great".
12/10/12 12:58 AM
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JakodaRay - Hendo posted on Twitter saying that Dana is full of shit and that his knee is great.

What's new? Dana is always full of shit

Just look at the way he and zuffa continually try to paint the Shogun vs Gustafsson fight as one sided when it was anything but that

lol @ "continually", the fight happened last night.