UnderGround Forums Hacran Dias VS Ricardo Lamas - background info

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Please see this post below thanks to Andy - I could not get images or video to work!
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If anyone can help me with embedding images and vids that would be sweet!

If anyone is interested there is more on the favela on a couple other threads I made on Shertard.


Just to add: - we have some DOPE prizes for crowdfunding support (wait while I shout in upper case...) like a TRIP FOR 2 TO RIO FOR A WEEK (FLIGHTS + TRANSPORT + ACCOMMODATION COVERED) TO TRAIN WITH HACRAN IN THE FAVELA AND VISIT NOVA UNIAO TO MEET JOSE, JDS AND RENAN FOR LUNCH AND ATTEND A SHOOTO BRAZIL EVENT WITH BACKSTAGE PASSES - thats just 1 of LOADS of great incentives to help us by crowdfunding - also 5% goes to that social project keeping kids off the streets and away from the lure of the drug cartels

I was hoping that Joe Rogan might like to interview the Director or myself about the project on his podcast. He posts on here right?

We could discuss the whole drug cartel and favela pacification issue and a whole bunch of other MMA related stuff to do with these fighters - but I guess thats a long shot? The Director will be named soon and that might open the door as he's pretty famous
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FFS what is this voodoo yoyu guys use to code this forum!
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Oh Wow! Nice one dude! You just saved my post - its was going down the pan quickly LOL
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andylovehugs - THANK YOU. Is there a resource for the enbedding code?

The fight I quoted in the [yt][/yt] identifers was this:

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You nailed it previously - was looking dope. So you need to pay to use this site? I guess it keeps the trolls away which is a good thing - on Sherdog if I post this it gets buried in five minutes below a bunch of posts about Brock Lesner leg days VS Rhonda mayweather threads
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Haha! Well thank you for sorting this.. I might have to get that Pro membership but its a bit steep just to be able to do standard forum edits - oh well. Thanks again
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^^^ Thanks!

Come on Underground - Surely some of you hardcore faithful have an opinion on the Hacran Dias VS Ricardo Lamas fight? Or is Sherdog the place to go for educated MMA debate? LOL!

For me this is the fight of the night but has little press - I was listening to the MMA Hour and they literally skipped it. They did talk about it a bit but I think its worthy of a little more. Anyhow - we will see how Hacran does with the weigh in - if I could post more pics I have some from his hotel this morning as he tries to cut the final pounds
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Another thing of interest is the injuries that saw Hacran pull out of the Kawajiri fight. He has a reoccurring hand injury which he is waiting till after this fight to get surgery on. Hopefully it does not impact on his performance. IMHO Lamas could get the job done standing especially if Hacran is in any way hesitant - in order to win this he needs to be sharp and not show Lamas respect - he needs his game face on - if he can do that the fight is his
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TTT and IN for later.
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2 great FW bouts this weekend with this one and Hioki/Oliveira.
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Wasa-B - 2 great FW bouts this weekend with this one and Hioki/Oliveira.

Yeah thats one hell of a fight. No idea how that turns out, thats a war
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weigh ins are live now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUXTmHVIKLY
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Right this thread slipped to the 4th page. If I could post pictures I could really give some insight into the history of the drug cartels. Can someone tell me - do I really need to sign up to just embed pics? If so I'll do it but if there is a workaround let me know
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One judge 30-27? What are these judges smoking? I want some of that delusion dust.

I have no problem with a 29/28 either way with but it was close. First round Hacran, second round too close to call and open to interpretation - I'm obviously bias but swung it in Hacran's favor on account of a knock down and more damage from leg kicks - but 30-27?

Anyway - fun night of fights. What you guys think?