UnderGround Forums Heavyweight guys that turn down fights?

11/20/12 4:52 PM
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I'm not trying to paint with one color but it doesn't seem to make too much sense to me.

I understand when guys have to cut weight that they don't take fights on short notice but most heavyweights don't have to cut weight.

Being banged up or injured I completely understand. But heavyweights don't need nearly as much time it seems to me to prepare for a fight. They shouldn't be out of shape.

I also have to be honest. I'm not a huge fan of heavyweight fights. Yes most of them end in dramatic fashion but outside the top 5 there is a serious drop off in talent I feel. Phone Post
11/20/12 5:34 PM
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11/20/12 5:35 PM
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He gave Mark Hunt no sexy DNA but tremendous punching power. Phone Post
11/20/12 5:53 PM
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^^^^he is a she, you kids don't listen to anything these days

11/20/12 5:57 PM
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Fight plans, correctly implementing them, how does it work? Phone Post
11/20/12 7:01 PM
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HW just don't need as much time like the other weights do. Phone Post
11/20/12 7:04 PM
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Just because they don't have to cut weight, why wouldn't they have to get in shape?

11/21/12 8:42 AM
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I'm saying they shouldn't really get out of shape Phone Post
11/21/12 10:06 AM
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How grueling would the diet be for a HW? They need to eat good no doubt about it but they're not starving themselves like the others do. Phone Post
11/21/12 10:20 AM
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saying no to short notice fights is not turning down fights.