UnderGround Forums Hendo weighing in at 199???

5/23/14 7:31 PM
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Holy crap. He's probably going to be outweighed by 40 pounds come fight time. I haven't seen him below 200 in awhile when competing at LHW.

What a stud. He would have fought Godzilla when he was a Middleweight, so this probably isn't a big deal for him.
5/23/14 7:35 PM
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godzilla is like 300 feet tall braheim.
5/23/14 7:52 PM
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forever anonymous - 
shaqitup - godzilla is like 300 feet tall braheim.

That's just your opinion.

in my opinion he is 40 feet tall.

no, no. you can't do that. you just can't say thats your opinion and my opinion is and say something completely untrue.

5/23/14 7:56 PM
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Hendo would get dropped early but recover and land the hbomb on godzillas chin. Lights out. Phone Post 3.0
5/23/14 9:21 PM
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dan hasnt been eating enough fried chicken

5/24/14 1:25 AM
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Think about what you've just said. Phone Post 3.0
5/24/14 2:00 AM
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Godzilla took over this thread. Phone Post 3.0
5/24/14 2:06 AM
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5/24/14 2:06 AM
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When was Godzilla a middleweight?
5/24/14 2:19 AM
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He never cut much weight to fight at 205.

He got off TRT and lost 5lbs, meh. Not surprising.
5/24/14 2:21 AM
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I don't think Godzilla could cut the weight Phone Post 3.0
5/24/14 3:51 AM
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I like the Christmas Godizilla best, and i'm saying grace. When you say grace, you can say it to grownup Godzilla, or teenage Godzilla or beared Godzilla or whoever you want.



5/24/14 3:52 AM
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I like to think of Godzilla like with giant eagles wings, and singin' lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an angel band and I'm in the front row and I'm hammered drunk.

5/24/14 4:05 AM
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Nate_Diaz_Agent -

So great. Phone Post 3.0
5/24/14 4:16 AM
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In the original 1954 film, Godzilla was scaled to be 50 meters tall (164 feet).

In latter years, Godzilla's height was increased to be as high as 100 meters (328 feet).[31] This was so that it wouldn't be dwarfed by the newer bigger buildings in Tokyo's skyline such as the 242 meter (797 foot) tall Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building which Godzilla destroyed in the 1991 film Godzilla vs King Ghidorah

 In the 2014 American film Godzilla, Godzilla was scaled to be 350 feet tall (107 meters), making him the biggest incarnation of the character yet. 


5/24/14 4:44 AM
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One HBomb and Godzilla is toast. Grilled lizard. I'm at the bar. Don't mind me I'm drunk Phone Post 3.0
5/24/14 4:51 AM
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Does Godzilla even trane ufc? Phone Post 3.0
5/24/14 4:51 AM
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Intergalactic - 
AllAmericanBoxing - Hendo would get dropped early but recover and land the hbomb on godzillas chin. Lights out. Phone Post 3.0

You're delusional if you think Henderson can beat Godzilla without TRT.

You are insane to think Godzilla would even want this to be regulated. He uses fire for fucks sake.
5/24/14 4:56 AM
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The Tiger Man - He fn fought Fedor. Godzilla would be a step down Phone Post 3.0
Vu Phone Post 3.0
5/24/14 5:13 AM
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Fedor fought most of his 39 fights being outweighed by 30-100lbs+ and defeating everyone til the very late part of his career before retiring. That is maybe the most impressive feat in all of MMA history.

After that as far as fearless studs go I'd put Saku, Igor, Royce, and Henderson up there as well.

On the flip side Jon Jones has never remotely done anything being outweighed by opponents. In fact it is Jones that most always heavier than his opponents in the cage. Goat.... schmoat!
5/24/14 5:30 AM
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I wonder what Godzillas TDD is like, since we know him mostly as a standup fighter. Dan could really get something going in the clinch. Phone Post 3.0
5/24/14 5:43 AM
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Arlovskis Chin - 40lbs?

Think about what you've just said. Phone Post 3.0
Yes 40lbs, and silva cuts weight from 240, Hendricks walks around at 250 Phone Post 3.0
5/24/14 5:46 AM
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If an H-bomb lands i dont care who u are godzilla or not you are going to sleep Phone Post 3.0
5/24/14 5:49 AM
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hercules_mma_kosark - I don't think Godzilla could cut the weight Phone Post 3.0
Bro, Godzilla has Dolce in his corner. Said this was the easiest cut ever.! Phone Post 3.0
5/24/14 6:03 AM
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Hendo v Jet Jaguar never mind Godzilla. Phone Post 3.0