1/10/13 6:16 PM
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Been while. 

Just popping in to say hola & have Happy and safe New Year.

Rookies try not to get too good at picking winners so I can enjoy prosperity....

"Who is this Oddessa chioc in 3-2-1..." -Random Noob

Rest of you old time gangstars...What's up?

Kirik, Chris, Gabe and crew all the best of everything for you guyz in 2013.





1/10/13 6:17 PM
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wassup Joey, haapy new year
1/10/13 6:19 PM
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happy new year
1/10/13 6:24 PM
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Happy new year Joey! Hope all is well.
1/10/13 6:26 PM
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Hope you are doing well fren.

1/10/13 6:29 PM
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Theres a sight for sore eyes.

1/10/13 6:29 PM
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I still want to know how you possibly think that Cerrone had Diaz rocked.

1/10/13 6:44 PM
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MachidasStraightLeft - 

I still want to know how you possibly think that Cerrone had Diaz rocked.

Ask Nate..re: Cerrone

but respect..to ur question and Nates heart vs Hendo

No rear view mirrors.. Henderson beat him like the -350 fav I opened him..planet talked smack & I was nuts till the beatdown was over with...lol....even had a 10-8 round no? ...also said Cain wouldn't lose a round to JDS in rematch as well... but ez to play results..I don't like to wag tail when I'm  doin about mid 6 digits a year without breaking a sweat..so I can afford luxury to 'possibly think' wrong from time to time if I'm more right than wrong gunsmoke.

Often wrong..but never in doubt. 






1/10/13 6:50 PM
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So...how is everyone doing on personal levels. Stuff going on all around the world and so many posters from diff walks of life that all share common ground for love of sport & combat sports in particular.


See the Evan Tanner documentary (Loved Evan  & pray for him till this day)  is out there & my buddy Bobby Razak has been doing some great work with Street Made. 

So what else is up?????





1/10/13 6:51 PM
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damn..I have 18,000+ posts on UG.  Time well spent.

1/10/13 6:52 PM
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shootfightermike has 150k in the same time period.

1/10/13 6:56 PM
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Shootfightermike also has 150k friends on this site. If you haven't been invited to be friends with shootfighter mike on this site, you don't have a real account.
1/10/13 6:57 PM
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What does 'friends' have to do with post count ? I'm missing something.......

1/10/13 7:01 PM
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Welcome back Odessa. Your wagering wisdom, and tales of Costa Rica are legendary. But personally I'll always remember your input on an old thread, the "Can you take Arlovski with a baseball bat?" thread, when AA's career was at a high. Very important thread for "Baseball Bat vs. Fighter X" theory.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that this place is never a waste of time, that thread alone proves it.
1/10/13 7:03 PM
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I'm just pointing out an important fact about shootfightermike. When I used to check my inbox, every day there were like 10 new notifications about SFM being friends with people.

Are you friends with SFM?
1/10/13 7:05 PM
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Hey Joey!! Happy New Year to you and yours...stop by here more often!!
1/10/13 7:08 PM
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1/10/13 8:07 PM
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WoodenPupa, no I'm not. I see no 'benefit' to friending people.

1/10/13 8:51 PM
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Joey O!
1/10/13 8:55 PM
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Welcome back! Phone Post
1/10/13 8:57 PM
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Eyy Joey, best wishes and Happy New Year to you! Keep on making that money this year , and feel free to toss some bet advice my way on Twitter ;) Phone Post
1/10/13 9:07 PM
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joey bagels, good to see you back around these parts

1/10/13 9:22 PM
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The legend Phone Post
1/10/13 9:22 PM
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UGCTT_mrzipplokk - 

WoodenPupa, no I'm not. I see no 'benefit' to friending people.

I agree, and follow this principle in real life too. It too often prevents entry into pussy heaven.

Anyway, didn't intend to muck up the thread with tangential bs. Perhaps we can agree that pterodactyls are very important, and leave it at that?
1/10/13 9:25 PM
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Scott Rotem - Joey O!

beat me 2 it