UnderGround Forums How so fighters fight with jet legs,

2/18/13 5:14 PM
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I'm 7 hours ahead over here and in all tired as shit and can't even fist pump like I want to. How so fighter fly to places like Japan or Sweden or braSil without it affecting their performances from shit jet legs sleep? Phone Post
2/18/13 5:15 PM
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Them damn jet legs!
2/18/13 5:15 PM
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They probably arrive a week or two early, that's what I would do.
2/18/13 5:17 PM
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Jet leg??

I would have first post in this thread if my computer didn't friggin leg. Phone Post
2/18/13 5:19 PM
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I think i rememer one of the asian fighters saying that thats why a lot of them arent very succesful in the US Phone Post
2/18/13 5:22 PM
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That's a good point, I work in South Korea and Japan a few times a year (from U.K) and it kills me for 4 days.
2/18/13 5:25 PM
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Dong hyun kim I think Phone Post
2/18/13 5:29 PM
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Alpha Omega - Do you mean jet LAG?

Don't be ridiculous.
2/18/13 7:19 PM
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Jet legs, I am not too sure but Dominick Cruz seems to have that ability pretty much wrapped up, best ask him.
2/18/13 7:23 PM
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Some people say you need to workout when you land, apparently it helps. Tim Ferris on JRE said he would lie down in the grass somewhere, a park or something, and it would help. It sounds nuts, but I have heard several people mention it helping since.
2/18/13 7:24 PM
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thought this thread was gonna be about mR. Thigh-nyamite himself

tell me those arent jet legs.  2 more of them drumsticks and you could roll a 747.


2/18/13 7:28 PM
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Very fast? Phone Post
2/18/13 7:50 PM
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if you can find a sensory deprivation tank, supposedly gets rid of jet lag.

2/18/13 7:54 PM
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2/19/13 12:37 AM
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There is no other way to explain why most Asian and European based fighters struggle in the American UFC events. When the UFC is in Europe Sakara gets headlock ko highlights, in USA sometimes strange things happen to him and he loses to a guy he is better than. The travel must be the variable Phone Post
2/19/13 12:38 AM
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Ha! Phone Post
2/19/13 12:48 AM
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Bigfoot_REEMED_meOver - Artist rendering of a fighter with jet leg.

Phone Post
Haha! That was my first thought Phone Post
2/19/13 9:44 AM
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cruedi - They probably arrive a week or two early, that's what I would do.

That's what the smart one's do.

2/19/13 12:09 PM
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For those not making big paychecks in the fight game, you fly when the promoter agrees to fly you. This is typically a week or less out. Just enough time to tape and edit promo videos, pictures, etc. Ambien is your friend to adjust your clock quickly, then you have to adopt a normal routine and try to adjust.

Oh and jet legs made me think of a bad dance move from the 80s or something. Phone Post
2/19/13 3:14 PM
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Ghost of Retard - 
cruedi - They probably arrive a week or two early, that's what I would do.

That's what the smart one's do.

Even that would result in a disadvantage because thats less time in your training camp. I think the only reasonable way to do it would be to do the full camp in the timezone youre fighting in. In my experience and from other people's, I've found that coming from asia is 10 times harder to adjust to than going to asia from california. I can adjust to asia in one or two days but coming back can take 2 to 3 weeks.
2/19/13 6:00 PM
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I was in the same room with Fedor 2 days out from the arlovski fight in Brooklyn which is 2 time zones away from where the fight was taking place and hours off from Stary Oskal. No wonder he looked like hot garbage until the body shot then the ko. Jet legs Phone Post