UnderGround Forums How would you put away a UFC fighter?

1/22/13 5:38 PM
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Same scenario for any fighter, you land a brutal strike that severely dazes (INSERT FIGHTER NAME) and leaving them vulnerable to any method (Pride FC rules included).

What method do you dispose of (INSERT FIGHTER NAME)?
1/22/13 5:42 PM
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AS's Thai plum knees to the face devastation is my choice vs. all.
1/22/13 5:43 PM
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atomic butt drop
1/22/13 6:00 PM
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I would just run circles and hope the judges like me
1/22/13 6:01 PM
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in a bodybag, bro.

1/22/13 6:03 PM
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Knees to the face is ideal, otherwise attack attack attack Phone Post
1/22/13 6:05 PM
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Something involving a spin Phone Post
1/22/13 6:05 PM
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Honestly? Lol what a funny question but any chance I'd have would be a quick blitz in the first min. Anything after that I'm sure I'd get submitted or caught with a crisp technical shot while I'm gassed -_-
1/22/13 6:06 PM
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Folding chair
1/22/13 6:07 PM
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Wait are they on the ground or just dazed standing i.e. finish him mortal kombat style?

If he's on the ground rocked, flying hendo bomb followed by hammerfists til the ref pulls me off or he's obviously out.

If it's finish him, either a big combination(left hook, right straight or right hook, left hook, right hook.) or a rear head kick.
1/22/13 6:08 PM
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Pedro Rizzo showed what to do against a dazed Barnett.
1/22/13 6:09 PM
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I would titty-twist the shit out of him.
1/22/13 6:09 PM
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Now that I think of it, Anderson Silva's simple gnp from the guard that finished off a very dazed Belfort would also work.
1/22/13 6:14 PM
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IF Gina Carano/RowdyBec/Felice Herrig make it to the UFC, or well since Ronda is already signed.


I'd take them to a nice sunset stroll, followed by a moonlit dinner, then FINSIH by drinks at my place ;)











1/22/13 6:15 PM
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Ether. Otherwise dudes going to recover and I'm fucked.
1/22/13 6:18 PM
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Double stomp

Because you can't triple stomp a double stomp Phone Post
1/22/13 6:19 PM
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I would lose by way of panic attack and severe shock at having floored a UFC fighter. Phone Post
1/22/13 6:27 PM
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Fold them up and put them in the closet.
1/22/13 6:28 PM
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Are pyrotechnics allowed? Phone Post
1/22/13 6:53 PM
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Cung knocked my ace out - 7.62x 39 Phone Post
My thoughts exactly. From a nice safe distance of at least 600 yards. Phone Post
1/22/13 7:07 PM
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I would hit him with the Hammerfist of Doom.


1/22/13 8:33 PM
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OnlyTheStrongSurvive - 

I would hit him with the Hammerfist of Doom.


He looks like he's turning over his poker hand in anger.