UnderGround Forums I think Joe is too explosive for Jim Miller.

12/28/12 3:38 AM
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Jim Miller is definitely one of the toughest guys Joe will have fought, but I truly believe that Joe Lauzon well be to explosive for Jim. Also, in the Varner fight, Joe's previous cardio issues seemed gone. Phone Post
12/28/12 4:28 AM
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This fight will get Fotn or Sotn Phone Post
12/28/12 5:33 AM
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The more you think about it the more you realize what an intriguing matchup this is.
Will Joe's aggressive, finish seeking style be able to overcome Miller's tactical, measured attack? They have the chemistry to make for a highly entertaining grappling match as well.
Either way this will be an explosive fight, either ending quickly or drudging on into a bloody war of attrition. Phone Post
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dhas - But he isn't even black.



That would only be applicable if OP said "athletic and explosive."


12/28/12 2:19 PM
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dhas - But he isn't even black.

On a serious note, i agree, Joe is going to be too fierce for him.

dont tell hogan
12/28/12 2:27 PM
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Battle of the northeast IMO Phone Post
12/29/12 4:26 AM
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I've never heard Joe Rogan say that explosive is a term just for black people so until he says this, I think it's safe to say that any fighter who has exciting, fast pace bursts and odd athletic is worthy of being called explosive. Phone Post
12/29/12 4:34 AM
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I like Miller a lot but J - Lau is my dawg! Phone Post
12/29/12 8:16 AM
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dhas - But he isn't even black.

On a serious note, i agree, Joe is going to be too fierce for him.
This!! Haha

12/30/12 2:21 AM
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I was wrong. I should have said that Joe's forehead was to explosive for Jim Miller because j lau bleed like a faucet.

Sorry, Joe. Great fight! Phone Post